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Latest on Instagram’s ‘InstaMeets’ in your city & Around the World

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InstaMeet is a latest & trending social media concept, it is an event started by social media app community Instagram on worldwide level to gather the photography community.

A get-together of some shutterbugs around the world, sharing their expertise, beautiful snap of nature, their pet’s moment, food shots, surrounding dp and experimental acts with flicking cameras, sometimes also known as Instagrammers are ready to roll in for social event now. Yes, you heard it right! Discussion of latest social media update countdown is now coming down to this hot trendy topic of social media app Instagram’s -‘InstaMeets’.


What I need to know about ‘InstaMeets’?
From the very beginning, Persons who gets on Instagram, have been meeting and sharing their work, techniques with each-other which directly indicates that how social media is growing beyond mobile and devices into a real world social environment where likeminded people getting closer and interacting through face to face conversation. Same as ‘Tweet-up’ events where many twitterati around the globe meets one another, Instagrammers also, according to Instagram- “gathering of people coming together to connect, explore and celebrate their creativity”.

How can I be a part of ‘InstaMeets’?
Just one simple step and you are in! .It is really that easy. Go to meetup.com/instagram and look for current activity of meet-ups out there in your city, subsequently click on “Count me in” and invite your friends to make more fun in event. If you don’t find any meet then plan one of your own and spread the word.

Fine! I’ll go but what I’ll do next, what and how do people celebrate?
Go to Instagram, plan an event with friends and decide your favourite photogenic place and you are good to go!! To help people so that they can reach out to you, make a hash tag so your words will spread like wildfire. Further you can see for past InstaMeets location on “Instagram Blogs”.

InstaMeets, a latest spin-off to delight the paparazzo community. This weekend #ScotSkiMeet2015 will bring together a group of Scottish ski enthusiasts for a trip to Ben Nevis. Such a mountain meet promises more interesting photos than an urban get-together to take arty photos of pool. Don’t miss to indulge in very interesting occurrence like this.

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