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Light and Life Academy’s “An Ode To Water” social media contest resulted in 2000+ entries

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Iqbal Mohamed, leading photographer and founder of renowned photography institute Light & Life Academy, has always believed that photography can inspire individuals to empathize, engage and positively act on social causes. With this being the core philosophy, Iqbal and
LLA announced the “Shoot For A Cause” movement, an initiative that seeks to harness the power of images for a positive social impact. The movement was launched with “An Ode To Water”, a social media contest culminating in an exhibition at Chennai’s Express Avenue, Chennai


  • To help raise awareness about the conservation of water through photography
  • To raise awareness about Iqbal and LLA(Light and Life Academy).

The Idea and Execution

“An Ode To Water” invited entries through Instagram which cherish the element of water and draw awareness to its sheer beauty and importance. In order to participate, contestants must follow LLA (@lightandlifeacademy), and upload their entries using the hashtags
#LLA2019, #worldphotographydaywithLLA and #anodetowater. The contest was open to anybody residing in India.

The most outstanding and popular submissions were exhibited to the public at Express Avenue, on August 16th, 17th and 18th and 19th. All the prints, along with postcards and
Bookmarks were for sale.
Pricing Details:
A3 Print: 2000 INR
A4 Print: 1000 INR
Postcard: 100 INR
Book Mark: 20 INR

Contribution to the Cause

Proceeds from the sales were given to the NGO Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I), EFI is an environmental conservation group based out of Chennai. The organization and is known for its work in cleaning and scientific restoration of lakes in India to encourage
More than Rs. 50,000/- was raised from over 200 people who purchased the prints.

Event Details


Showcasing the top 50 images at Express Avenue, from 16th August to 19th August. The prints were on sale, with two sizes : A3 and A4. The A3 print was on sale at 2000 INR while the A4 prints were on sale at 1000 INR.

Pledge (16th, 17th, 18th, 19th August)

A pledge stage/corner during the event was set up. The pledge itself was a panel that was set up, where people could stand next to it and take a
pledge to conserve/cherish and preserve water. LLA took pictures of each person taking the pledge.

Marketing Details

LLA Ran a social media campaign for “An Ode To Water”. Specific posts, such as the Call for Entries post, Inspiration posts and the pilot video for an Ode to Water with Iqbal were promoted. The campaign was promoted on both Facebook and Instagram.

The Ode to Water Video with Iqbal was also promoted on social media –
• YouTube Views – 26,472 views
• Facebook + Instagram Views – 1,44,885 views
The video was also made in Tamil and Promoted on YouTube, achieving a total of 2,880 views.


2000 + entries for a contest without prizes
10000 + visitors over 3 days
200 + children as water heroes
200 + images bought contributors
25,00,000 + People reached
50,000 + raised

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