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LinguaSol Launched the Website Translator for SMEs

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LinguaSol, one of the premier language solution providers across the globe, recently launched a cost-effective website translation solution Website Translator 1.0.

Website Translator 1.0 is a useful translation service for SMEs that intend to expand their business. It comes with several benefits attached to it. LinguaSol projects it as a positive initiative towards helping SMEs with the localization part. It holds a lot of promise in the years to come.

The Concept of Website Translator 1.0

As informed by LinguaSol’s business head, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, during his interactions, Website Translator 1.0 evolved out of the need for a comprehensive translation partner for businesses. It is beneficial for SMEs, in particular, that are looking forward to geographical expansion, or the ones that have expanded regionally, and now eyeing international opportunities.

Website Translator 1.0 is a specially designed version for SMEs considering their needs. It is a subscription-based language translation solution, exclusively designed for SMEs.

LinguaSol has launched it as a cost-effective language translation partner that helps SMEs convert, or in other words, graduate their single language website to a multilingual one.

LinguaSol reports it as a powerful and prudent alternative over complete dependencies on translation service providers to translate their website, app, or software, and pay exorbitant costs for it.

How does Website Translator 1.0 Work?

Website Translator 1.0 works on a subscription-based model. It helps SME businesses adopt any new language.

Initially, it comes with a one-time signup cost, later on, followed by a monthly/ annual subscription, to keep the translated version of the website or application lives for the paid duration.

Website Translator 1.0 doesn’t demand any additional resources, space, or the addition of any specialized hardware to the existing version of the website.

It works as a middleware between the source code of the website and its translated version.

So, deploying Website Translator 1.0 for website translations doesn’t, in any way, affect the source code, thereby keeping the website secure.

In simpler words, the translated version resides externally and does not impact the website by any means. Moreover, the ownership of the translated version remains with the owner of the website.

How will Website Translator 1.0 Benefit SMEs?

Website Translator 1.0 is a cost-effective, operationally efficient, and a completely secure means of translation. It results in the following benefits for SMEs.

  • Translate your website practically without any efforts from your side – just add few lines of code (provided by LinguaSol) to Home page for Language selection.
  • No access or change to source code or CMS required.
  • Complete translation – not just page text but also text in images.
  • SEO driven translations to improve website reach. Manual translations ensure that the translated contents are easy to read. Includes other SEO tricks to ensure the full benefit of the translated website.
  • The translations are technically and culturally accurate done by language professionals.
  • The service is based on the industry-specific translation requirements.
  • With this service in place, SMEs can step out for geographical expansion.
  • The service helps translate content for over 100 + Indian and foreign languages put together.
  • SMEs can opt for the language or the set of languages of their choice.
  • The translations go through thorough and strict manual quality checks, ensuring top-class translations.

About LinguaSol

LinguaSol is one of the leading linguistic solutions providers. It has been in the business for over 10 years. The company caters to a wide range of business domains, including banking, finance, insurance, hospitality, and many others.

Through Website Translator 1.0, LinguaSol aims at helping SMEs grow geographically, and overcome language barriers to help connect well with the intended audience.

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