Home News LinkedIn Introduced “LinkedIn Pages” . How can businesses use them?

LinkedIn Introduced “LinkedIn Pages” . How can businesses use them?

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Generally in order to research a company we use to search on yellow pages, Right? We go through many names of different companies which is quite a time to consume. And we all know the value of time. Time is money, spend it wisely.

To cut it short and to minimize your efforts and of course to save time LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn pages. It was a process of listing essential and useful information. It is the next generation project of LinkedIn. Pages have been rebuilt to focus on necessary information for various brands, organization enterprise, and small business.

Now the question is what the need is?

The answer is pretty simple, in this digital era a company cannot only depend on its website. Of course, a website is most important, but the presence in other platforms are equally important. And there is no other better platform for corporate connection rather than LinkedIn. Agreed? Let me justify my statement. Every corporate personnel has a LinkedIn account, so if you want to reach them, it is the best possible platform for potential connections. LinkedIn tends to cover all the possible dimension of business. LinkedIn claims to connect you with more than 450 million professionals across the world. So It proves that LinkedIn Pages tends to have a better ranking in search results rather than yellow pages. These connections can be vital in terms of business.

LinkedIn Pages offers an ample opportunity to register your business and get in touch with your targeted professionals. It opens a gateway to your business for corporate tie-ups. By completing your business profiles, LinkedIn suggests you to the possible connections that can help you to grow your business. It also helps to drive the traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Pages are designed to be SEO friendly. By the use of suitable keywords and relevant content you can get a better rank in search result. Most of the people tend to seek them in the LinkedIn platform which can be very convenient.

If you are a marketer and you know all the ins and outs, then with this newly enhanced
platform you can come up with perfect strategy. Your business can be in the limelight as long as you want with a perfect plan. LinkedIn pages can enable you to spot your uniqueness in an idiosyncratic way. Your niche should be predefined.

Now let’s find out how it is helpful for business?

Let’s say if you create a page and run all the analytical matrices, you can maximize the reach by the use of proper LinkedIn sponsored contents. LinkedIn enables you to craft your objective with proper guidance with various objective-based strategies. LinkedIn Pages will help you to target the precise audience and boost your engagement which is healthy for your business growth.

LinkedIn Pages also provides you to enrich your content by providing you with good content suggestions with trending topics for your audience. It has a specific showcase page that can highlight your product and services. Each showcase page has its followers, status updates and functionality, sort of like a mini LinkedIn company page. Top performing
brands like Adobe, Lenovo, Tesla keeps on finding new innovative ways to engage LinkedIn members and grow their list of followings.

They publish engaging content that are tempting for their target audience. They keep on engaging and insightful content with their followers. The leaders generally share their perspective on the news and trends. They share their thoughts and vision for their company and their followers. These influencing contents help to generate the reach and engagement for the business. In the end, I conclude LinkedIn Pages are one of its kind yet another social media marketing tool. To be successful, you need to be committed and focused and patient. It takes time but eventually you will get what you are looking for.

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