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Master the Art of Instagram with These Easy Tricks!!

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With the much hype of using social networking sites for connecting with people, Instagram brings to you an excellent photo and video sharing software. You can capture beautiful moments and share it with people across the globe as well as on other networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. Within no time, Instagram gained mass recognition and now every Tom, Dick and Harry is on Instagram sharing their photos and videos.

Instagram tips

Using Android, Windows and Apple smartphones, users have been trying their hand at this exceptional photo cum video sharing application. Even if you are using it since two years, you sure are still an amateur at it. Master the art of using Instagram with these easily tips and guides.

Let’s Begin with the Fun

Using Instagram requires you to install the Instagram account in your Smartphones using Play Store, App Retailer or Home Windows Telephone Retailer. After downloading the application you need to create an Instagram account or log in using your Gmail or Facebook account. Log into your Instagram account and begin the fun of uploading and sharing videos and photos.

Attractive InstaProfile

Let’s get started by created an attractive instaprofile –

Profile Image: Display an eye-catching or your favourite picture as the Instagram profile picture. Tap the profile picture icon on your Instagram account and upload your favourite picture in the circle. Adjust it and get ready to show the world who you are.

Add Follower and Follow People: Get connected with the world by following different Instagram users. Connect your Instagram with other networking sites and follow the Instagram users who have linked their accounts to other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also search your pals using their Instaprofile names, instatags and account names. Follow them and request them to follow you to increase your Instagram follower base.

Publish First Photo: Pictures speak a thousand words. It true! Let the world discover you through your instapictures. Upload your first Instagram photo using the Insta digicam icon in the middle of the menu. Tap the button and choose a photo you wish to upload from your phone gallery. Select the picture, crop it, perform different and unique edits and move to the next step. Write a caption that best suit your picture, add Insta tags and publish it for people to see.

Perfect your Instagram Photos

Photos capture moments and speak a lot even if not described in words. A photo can tell a life story. Before uploading your photo and sharing your story with the world, make it perfect using different filters. Instagram offers you different filters to change the appearance of your photo and if you do not like them, download photo edit apps like VSCOcam, Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed and others. Do not wish to crop your photo? Download Insta No Crop app and upload your complete photo without cropping it.

Insta Hash Tags and Captions

Though your photo is alone enough to share your story but Insta Caption and Hash tags allows you to make it prominent. Write a one or two line caption for you photo and use different hash tags for words you want to emphasis upon. The famous Insta Hash Tags are #peace, #love, #friendship, #instaclick, #instapicture, #Instabeing, and many others.

Mention Different Instagrammers

Wish to tag your friends in your photo. Either use the tag option in Instagram or mention Instagrammers. To do so, you need to type in the name of your friend you wish to mention using @ in front of the name. For example – type @kritika396 to tag Kritika in the photo. Simply mention the first three letters of their name and Instagram will automatically tag the person from your contact list.


How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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