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Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Exam –  Overview, Preparation, Tips, and Strategies

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Life is all about growth and moving forward. To be always in demand, a person needs to learn new skills and bring them to act in their lives. Working in an IT sector and especially in the networking department requires a person to learn a lot of different skills that will help him/her get a better job. One exam that will help you to boost your career in the IT sector is Microsoft 70-741 exam. This is an intermediate level exam standing between 70-740 and 70-742 exams and it is intended for all the Network professionals working with Microsoft server 2016. This exam will qualify you for a lot of job opportunities such as Network Administrator, Network Specialist, and even a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert.

If you are someone who wants to prepare for the Microsoft 70-741 exam and pass with success but does not know where to start, we can help you. Before taking any test, it is better to have all the information about it. In this article, we will tell you everything about Microsoft 70-741 exam and how you can prepare for it.

Overview of Microsoft 70-741 exam

Microsoft 70-741 exam is a certification test that is designed for the people who seek an entry-level job in the IT sector. This exam is the first step towards a successful career in the Networking field. Here is all you need to know about the exam:

  • Exam pattern

There are five major topics on which the skills of a candidate are measured:

  1. Implement Remote Access Solutions and Network Connectivity

  2. Implement IPAM and DHCP

  3. Implement an Advanced Network Infrastructure

  4. Implement Domain Name System (DNS)

  5. Implement Core and Distributed Network Solutions

The people who get a score of 80% or above have a higher rate of getting a better job.

  • Exam Fee

The applicant has to pay a registration fee of $165 to schedule the exam. The test is available in eight languages.

  • Who is eligible?

All the people above the age of 18 years are eligible to take the exam. However, it is advised that the applicant has some experience with the Windows server and has worked in an enterprise that uses Windows Servers. The experience can give you a much better chance to pass the test than any textbook.

How to Prepare?

A good preparation is the only way a person can succeed in a test. Hence, you need to prepare well so that you can ace the Microsoft 70-741 exam and get certified. For an efficient preparation, you will need the following two things:

  • Syllabus

The syllabus is very important and it is available on the official website. Go through the entire syllabus before starting the preparation. Note that there are a few topics that might not be mentioned in the syllabus and might still be asked in the exam. This is the reason that why the applicants need to have some experience in the field beforehand.

  • Study Material

Study material can be arranged from a lot of places but https://www.prepaway.net/microsoft-70-741-dumps.html is most recommended. Microsoft itself gives the applicants a revision guide that has all the information related to the exam and the syllabus. However, do not rely on the study guides alone as they are suitable only for the last minute revision and do not include all the details needed. Here are some other ways you can prepare for the exam:

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy

As the name suggests, this is a virtual academy that is free of cost. Here you will get resources such as videos, presentations and study materials. Since this is a legitimate academy, all the resources you will find here are 100% effective.

  1. Study Groups

Microsoft has a platform where you can join other people who are preparing for the same exam and share some ideas and materials with them. Doing so, you will be able to understand how you should go about your preparation and how hard you need to work.

  1. Official Microsoft Training

If you can invest some money in the preparation and you have some extra time, the official Microsoft training is also a great option. This training is provided by the experts in the area and it will help you a lot with your preparation and learning.

  1. Practice Papers

You can get the practice tests at various websites. These will help you in getting familiar with the exam and its pattern. Practice papers are necessary for preparation as they give you an opportunity to find your weaknesses in the knowledge and make your preparation more efficient.

Tips and Strategies That Will Help

When it comes to exam preparation, we all need a good strategy to follow. No matter how much study material and resources you have, without a good strategy, you will not work. Similar is the case for Microsoft 70-741 exam. Although this test is intermediate-level, if you have a good experience in this field, you can easily clear it. The questions that come are difficult and will need to do some revision and studies. Here are some strategies that you may apply to your preparation:

  • Do not miss any topic. Each question that is given in the exam is important for your final grade.

  • Practice tests are your ultimate savers. Once you have completed the syllabus, make it a point to solve one practice paper a day or every alternate day. Set the environment around you as if you are taking an actual exam and then start solving your paper. This will help you access your progress in the best way possible.

  • Apply for the exam only when you are ready. Most people apply for the test and do not leave enough time to prepare for it. This is not good. You should be well prepared before you sit for Microsoft 70-741 exam. This way, you will clear the exam in one go and won’t have to waste more time or money into registering again.


Microsoft 70-741 exam is a great way for you to get a better job in the networking sector. It will open up various career aspects for you and will help you achieve your goals much faster. It is important that you prepare well and put in 100% effort while giving this exam.

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