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Now You Can See The Google Search Direct Search Results On Mobile

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Google Search updates with the direct search results on mobile for specific queries. The unprecedented update is now rolled out on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

Google made our search even easier without disclosing the update on the new direct search results on Google page. The tech juggernaut hid all search results, from below its answer to certain queries. Google avails a “Show all results” link bottom of the same results page. The search engine giant says that this custom page is shown only when it has high credence when the results are utterly absolute in nature.

In March of this year, Google Search started showing direct answers to certain queries by not displaying the web search results but soon undone it because of accuracy issues on the queries. But now with touch in confidence, it rolled out the direct search results on the screen with an accurate result. Results on the desktops still need time to yield built-in tools followed by 10 blue links.

Google confirmed the development in a statement to Search Engine Land that their primary goal with the search is to assist people quickly and find the most relevant details. For seeking queries like calculation, conversion, unit or local time they have extremely high confidence showing a single result to improve load time on mobile.

Since their initial experiment in February to remove ads and enhance triggering quality for serving users what they are looking for and they will still provide the option to tap to see more results.

The Search Engine Land and a few tech-savvy and technology-driven websites confirmed that Google search shows only answers for queries; conversions like 1 kg to lbs, math problems, time in New York and a few more queries. It also reported that some of the query results had been tweaked slightly like if you search for the phrase for instance “time in New York it will show all top results considering some users wanted to search for The New York Times portal.

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Last Updated on December 5, 2018 by Ramya Krishna Cherukuri