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Pinterest’s New Tool To Prevent Self Harm

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Pinterest’s stance is looking strong when it comes to the topic of self-harm. Previously in July Pinterest introduced some tools that were designed to help the people who were dealing with stress, anxiety or similar emotions. Pinterest initiated this step with the help of a prompt, whenever some user searched for a keyword such as stress or anxiety, like stress quotes etc.

Once again Pinterest is introducing tools that would help people who do compassionate searches that might lead to self-harm. In the new interface, whenever a user will search for a term related to self-harm will find ten exercises that will help them control their emotions. Some of these exercises will include starting a journal, creating a playlist or some kind of drawing about nature and much more that should help them a lot.

Though the platform says that all these exercises come after they had a thorough discussion with experts in health industries. But Pinterest mentions that they still don’t recommend replacing this with professional care.

If you directly want to search these activities on the platform, all you have to do is search #interestwellbeing in the Pinterest app, it should direct you to these self-harm prevention activities. Pinterest understands its audience and always focuses on trying to make their user base happy and empowered when they leave instead of feeling more depressed.

Evan Sharp, Co-founder of Pinterest mentioned:

Pinterest does not track who uses these exercises. People’s interactions with these activities are stored anonymously using a third-party service so that they won’t be shown related recommendations or ads.

In order to make emotions of the people better, the colours used in these exercises are gentle and calm. The User interface of this experience is designed in a way so the user only focuses on the content instead of other things around it.

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Last Updated on January 31, 2022 by Vishal Ravish