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How Reliable Are Online Pharmacies And Their Products

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With the kind of busy lifestyle that we have set for ourselves, we tend to shop more online than the traditional way. The days have gone where people use to go to medical shops to buy medicines. Online shopping of medicines happens more in the households, where we need to buy drugs on a regular basis especially for the elderly members of the family. Buying medicines online has become more convenient and we can instantly make the payment via the bank or card details. Despite all this, we still doubt the credibility of these online pharmacies for a moment when it comes to our health. So are you confused on how to know if online pharmacies are reliable or not?  Have a basic check on the below parameters in order to ensure that you are getting your medicines from a safe and trusted online pharmacy.

Authentic online pharmacies sell medicines only for a valid prescription:

Most of the online pharmacies ensure to provide the right kind of drugs that do not harm their consumers. So they make sure to ask the consumer to upload the doctor prescription so that they can be sure of providing the drugs to the consumer.

Cash on deliveries:

Online pharmacies not only help us in making an online payment for our orders but also has the option of cash on delivery for the orders. They trust the details and prescription provided by their customers online and take cash after fulfilling the order.

Medicines delivered are thoroughly checked for expiry dates:

Online pharmacies make sure to get the expiry date of the medicines checked before they are delivered.

Online pharmacies have expert doctors to verify the prescriptions:

The pharmacist who fulfills the orders have good knowledge of the drugs and makes sure to get the prescription checked by their company doctor if they are any doubts on the medicines & their substitutes that needs to be provided.

Confirm state approval:

Check if the online pharmacy is registered and allowed to provide service in your respective city.

Go local:

It’s always preferred to go for those online pharmacies which are local in your city instead of going for those which has its branch or services provided from another city. Most of the online pharmacies have established centers in the major cities which is a good factor to be considered.

Stick to well known and famous brands:

You can opt to order medicines online from those pharmacies whose brand is established and there in the market since a long time. In this way, you can be ensured that your health is in the safe hands.

Make sure that they have a secure payment gateway:

While you enter your card and bank details for the online payment, make sure that the website has a secured payment gateway so that your credentials remain safe and is not misused.

Know your medicine well:

Before you order medicines online for the first time, make sure to know your medicines well so that you are not deceived. Also, check if the drug or its substitute are being approved by FDA.

Address and phone number details on the site:

Do check for the complete address and phone number on the website. Most of the websites provide this information at the footer.

Drugs storage:

Some drugs need to be stored in proper conditions, for example, may be they need to be frozen or refrigerated as per the label details. It’s essential that the drugs are stored properly so that they don’t lose out the effectiveness. Make sure to get these minute things checked so that we are safe.

Return and Damage policy:

Reliable online pharmacies provide money return policy if the customer has placed the order and they are not able to fulfill the order on time due to varied reasons like one of them being no availability of the stock. The information is shared with the customer and money is credited to the customer bank account.

Also, if the order has been damaged during the transit, the online pharmacy takes the full responsibility to make sure that the customer is again provided with another new order for the same medicines ordered.

Some of the most trusted online pharmacies that you can go for in India:

  • Netmeds
  • Medlife
  • Apollo Pharmacy
  • Genericwala
  • 1mg
  • Medplusmart
  • Buydrug

We all care for our health, so we need to make sure that we are having a proper check on the pharmacy brand and the rest of the factors while considering an online pharmacy for your medicines. Go for trusted pharmacies that offer online services with best deals and discounts on your medicines and other healthcare products related to personal care, fitness care and much more.

Genricwala, make sure to provide only the drugs approved by FDA which are safe for use. They ensure to check your order and provide the medicines that are safe for you and your family. Be safe with Generciwala online pharmacy!


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