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Smart Ways to Increase Youtube Subscribers in 2022

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Today everybody wants to be an influencer on Youtube. They want to crack the code of gaining subscribers and get all the cool brand collaborations. The Youtuber life looks good on the outside, but it is constant artistic and strategic hustle to make your content outshine. 

Youtube is a viral video sharing platform and is greatly saturated. You never know how your great content might get lost. But, with some consistent efforts and smart techniques, you can increase your pool of subscribers. 

Let us take a look at these methods:

  1. Branding matters

Many Youtubers forget that is also a business. If the channel grows, they will gain. Like any other business, you need to invest time in branding. Your Youtube channel needs to be organized and have a touch of your personal branding. Your thumbnail image and banner image should convey what your channel is all about at first glance itself. Make sure you have an organized playlist so that your audience can easily look for the video. Pay special attention to what kind of titles, thumbnails, descriptions, tags that your competitors are using. You can take the help of Youtube SEO tools to leverage these for your channel

  1. Audience Attention

You might be getting views but not that many subscriptions. The bounce rate of your channel can be crucial to determine the number of subscribers. You can use a Youtube analytics tool like TubeBuddy to monitor at what point your audience drop off from viewing the video. This data can help you improve the part of the video where the bounce rate is happening

  1. Put FOMO In the Intro

First impression matters hold true for Youtube. The intro to the video should be eye-catching and engaging to hook the audience. Many creators on YouTube, create FOMO by giving a preview of the main content at the starting and then weaving it into the video title and the content narrative. This sparks an audience interest to know what happens next.

  1. Leverage annotations

Sticky notes do bring attention right! Even on your Youtube video, you can use these annotations and stickers of small information to engage your audience. Eg: If your video is about offbeat travel places, the video thumbnail should show that with annotations.

  1. Ending

The ending of the video should have the same energy level as the way you began it. You can have a cool signing off jingle. Do not forget to mention the call to action such as subscribe and like or leaving a comment below, If your video is selling something, do not forget to mention where the link is embedded.

Hope this helped you to revamp your Youtube growth strategy

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