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Social Media Reacts To Sabyasachi’s Women’s Day Post

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Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India’s leading celebrity designer who is known for the classic and elegant designs, became the recent victim to the troll world for posting a plus-sized woman clad in one of his collections in Instagram particularly on International Women’s Day.

To send out wishes for women across the nation, Sabyasachi shared two pictures of the plus-size woman stating, “This International Women’s Day, Celebrate confidence” and “There is nothing more beautiful than self-confidence” .

Right off the bat, the social media got parted into two- The post gained over criticized followers commenting that the greetings by the designer are an utter stereotype, while some lauded him for “promoting inclusivity”. Eventually, the post did not go well with most of the users trolling and criticizing it.

Many of the users are in a view commenting that the designer is portraying women with explicit stereotypes and bracing the concept. Some of the Instagram users suggested that it’d be nice if he promotes a curvy women all year round and not just on a particular day. The “self-confidence” thing cracked people and insisted that the pictures are implying that only average or plus-size models need confidence.

A few users also pointed out that the designer should have assumed that a dusky and curvy woman would obviously lack self-confidence. The users implored him on not post this kind of photos only on occasion and to post on a regular basis in his promotions.

One of the users commented, “This should be the face of fashion on a regular basis. Bold and beautiful!”

Talking Point- Sabyasachi Controversy

This is not the first time he got snubbed by the social media followers. During his speech at Harvard India Conference, Sabyasachi commented on Indian women saying that, “If you don’t know how to wear a saree, shame on you.” The statement raged a fiery comments on him and later he apologized for the remark what he made.

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