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Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Article

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You must agree on the fact that writing for SEO is way different than any other writing. Writing articles for SEO and in that format is not as easy as it looks. Gone are the days, when writing for SEO seemed to be a piece of cake, things have changed now. The new algorithms launched by the search engine have ascertained that the quality of the articles for SEO must change. In the olden times, when things were easier, you just had to keep in mind the keywords and focus on that to fit them appropriately in a sentence but if your sentence doesn’t make any sense appending the keyword in it, you cannot get away with the drill now. You could easily call yourself a SEO writer when things were easier by just affixing keywords onto the sentences but those days have seriously passed by.


The writers who have experience and who are creative having a veteran edge over the language can righteously deal with the demands ascertained by the search engines. And thanks to such search engines, why to treat online readership in a different way? Online readability must be as sane and prudently written with factual information just like other articles on paper, in books and elsewhere. Below mentioned are a few points on how you must write SEO friendly articles that might be of help:

  1. Each and every common article has a word limit; similarly, you have to consider that the SEO article must not be too short or too long. Just the right article encases about five-hundred to seven-hundred words on an average. If it is short, the search engines wouldn’t track such articles and if it is too long, the readers would lose interest because they wish to read articles not stories. So, try to harmonize it perfectly in terms of the length of the article.
  2. When you talk about SEO writing, keywords are and have always been the crux of SEO articles. If there are no keywords in an online SEO article, how can the search engine locate the article and the website? So, you must make use of proper keywords.
  3. Consider the primary keywords like the keywords for which the website is known and is accredited. Focus on those keywords and encase them in each article.
  4. There has to be a proper balance in the keyword density as well. Don’t overdo when you use the keywords because if you do you, the search engines would mark your article as a spam article and it wouldn’t get registered on the search engines as well.
  5. When you are using the keywords, try to properly structure and place them. If you use all the keywords in the introduction or in the end, it wouldn’t help in generating traffic or search engine wouldn’t track it. It must be evenly spread out.
  6. Try to add sub-headings wherever you can or bullet points in the article. Because when you highlight such points in bullets then people would be interested in reading it because lengthy paragraphs are a turn off for most of the people.
  7. You have to keep your content catchy; it must encase facts and information but also append simple language that is easily understood by the people. Don’t use complex language which users aren’t able to understand.
  8. Lastly, try to make your article interesting. Have a very catchy and attractive beginning and end. Try keeping it in such a way that readers are hooked onto it.

Therefore, consider these SEO friendly tips whenever you write an SEO article.


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