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Top 11 Email Marketing Tools – 2022

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The most important factor in the business marketing is the interaction to the customers with your business staff for an effective success. Then how does that interaction happens? There must be a medium. The email marketing tools make that work easy for you. It engages the customers with your business and builds a strong relationship between you both. 

What is email marketing?

The email marketing means the sending of the information regarding your product or taking their reviews and suggestion all in the emails. Every work in the interaction with the customers directly is done through the emails. It may be for advertisements, letting them know about your current stock, or any promotional sales, discounts, feedbacks on your products, everything will be sent in the email.

For the email marketing, it is required to collect all of your customer’s emails and store in one place. Wouldn’t it be a headache to manage everything manually? We do need some kind of assistance. Even if you handle all that issues, what if your email has gone into a spam folder? Would it be a waste of effort and time? Also for increasing more number of customers, you will be needing their emails. That collection of emails of other people needs certain connections. And, the email marketing tools give some connectivity in reaching the email addresses of new customers and managing all that stuff. These email marketing tools help you reach out your email directly into your customer’s inbox.

There are many email marketing tools that are free and paid version. The free email marketing tools provide a great scope for learning about email marketing for the people who recently started a business or for small businesses. Every email marketing tool available can be good. But if you ask for the top best email marketing tools, here is the list

Top 11 email marketing tools available

#1 MailChimp

MailChimp is a very popular email marketing tool. It is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service provider. It is most widely used and perfect for both who are handling small-scale business and large-scale business. It has millions of users all over the world.

This tool makes an easy way to send your emails to all your customers. It has many options and can personalize your emails the way you want and connect your e-commerce stores. You can connect your business with the MailChimp for free. It even has paid plans. You can have around 2000 subscribers and can send up to 12,000 Emails in the free plan. If you have more subs upgrade your plan to the paid version.

#2 Reach mail

It is another email marketing tool that delivers free emails campaigns. It is a free marketing tool. It has an easiest, simplest and most sophisticated ways for your use. It has tons of features. It has many gorgeous designs to make look your email more beautiful.

It is also a convenient platform for sharing across the organization’s social media presence. It is stated as a great alternative for google docs and other online survey builders. The free account just gives you 70 templates, if they are sufficient for you, you can definitely go with it, if not the paid version.

#3 Mailjet

It is a Paris based, all in one email service provider that allows both marketing and transaction mail. It is presently over 35,000 customers. The tool provides the users the ways to create, send and optimize the emails as you like. It also provides the automation, segmentation and powerful APIs.

The Mailjet has the features like real-time email tracking, contact list management, templating language, tracking tools and more. It is rated as one of the top 50 marketing software. It is free and provides the user with 6000 emails per day and a 30-day free trial.

#4 Constant contact

The website says “send great looking emails that drive big results”. It is actually a good email marketing tool. It has great affordable plans and is really easy to use with many inbuilt templates. It is suited most for small business. It provides a 60-day free trial. The dashboard present gives the information about your sent emails, your subscriber list.

#5 Aweber

The Aweber is the leading email marketing tool. It is more popular for ending the emails, newsletters, the Aweber has about 5 plans starting for 500 subscribers to 25,000 subscribers. The plan cost does vary for every set of subscribers. For more than 25,000 subscribers there are special plans. It is slightly similar to MailChimp while considering the prices and features. It has a wide range of quite pretty templates and email designs.

#6 Sendinblue

It is another all in one tool for sending emails, transactional messaging and marketing automation. Easy to design, have results-driven campaigns. You can send your emails directly to your customers without having issues of worrying about being spammed. It has around 50,000 users and can send 30,000,000 emails every day according to the plans they provide.

#7 Leadpages

It is also a highly used email marketing tool. You can make beautiful ads on Facebook and has a good scope of easy work in email marketing. There is also an option of checking on your traffic. It has a drag and drop option, which is easier to use and a time-saving process. It has a 30-day free trial, if you like it you can opt for other plans available.you can use the leading template to grow your email list.

#8 AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the most effective email marketing tools which automates your email finding process and provides you with the most accurate result. Its accuracy helps you in getting the most out of your email marketing campaigns. It also provides the best medium to generate leads and prospects for your product and services.

#9 Active campaign

Using Active Campaign you can send the personalized emails with effective and easy automation technique. Even this has a drop and drag option which decreases your time, like other email marketing tools. This provides you a well-organized list of all your customers and builds you a connectivity for other customers. Try for the free trial and go for paid version to get more features.

#10 Benchmark mail

This online marketing tools like other tools engage you with your customers through beautiful email designs and track your real-time email records too. It has a mailing list management. It is a powerful yet the simplest email marketing tool. It even consists marketing automation to save your time and send the particular email for your particular customers. The free version has the option of sending about 250 emails to your subscribers.

#11 Sendgrid

It is a cloud-based transactional and marketing emailing tool. It has around 58,000 users. It has both free and paid versions. It has the great scaled infrastructure, real-time structural analytics. It also provides a global support that helps the users to learn about the email marketing by their experts. The free version is for 30 days and sends up to 40,000 emails.

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