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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools

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With its first inception way back in 1971, email ranks amongst the most effective and earliest communication mediums on the virtual platform. By utilizing the power of Internet, email offers the perfect opportunities for uninhibited communication. Quite inevitably, it qualifies as one of the best marketing tools of the present times.  Especially, with the emergence of some of the amazing email marketing tools, potential marketers are truly on cloud nine. These tools not only transform emails into effective avenues of revenue generation but also take business ventures to unsurpassed heights.

Let us have a look at the 10 leading email advertising tools capable of fetching potential customers and huge business revenues.

#1. MailChimp

While developing a list of the top 10 email marketing tools, you simply cannot afford to miss MailChimp. With close to 8-million users, it is inevitably one of the most effective and powerful email advertising platforms available in the market. Simplistic approaches and an easy-to-use interface are some of the incredible features of this particular platform.

#2. Scope

Another notable addition to this list is Scope. As email marketers are constantly in search of cool and innovative marketing ideas, Scope will prove to be the best option for them. With the help of this platform, marketers will have the opportunity of reviewing and previewing their own emails. The platform also comes with a Code Inspector tool, which offers a deep insight into the background story of other emails received by you.

#3. Subject Line Checker

The subject line is perhaps one of the most crucial segments of email marketing. Most of the times, email marketers face issues while determining the subject line length. By offering a glimpse of the subject line’s appearance, Subject Line Checker will prove to be the best options for them.

Marketers will get a hang of the subject line appearance, thus knowing the specific choices of a diverse clientele.

#4. Sublime Text

While developing email marketing strategies, you might not come across a coding pro or have the required time to create fancy emails. As the result, you end up using free email coding templates. Quite inevitably, you face a lot of issues while performing subtle tweaks or identifying errors. Effective email marketing tools such as Sublime Text indents and colors your HTML files, thus making the process of finding errors easier than ever.

#5. A/B Testing Duration Calculator

As times, it becomes difficult to identify the slight differences in conversion rates. Quite naturally, marketing experts face hindrance in determining the time of running test. Tools such as A/B Testing Duration Calculator render useful assistance in knowing the specific time required to run a test.

#6. Emma

With powerful features and customized options, Emma ranks amongst the strongest email marketing platforms. The platform also offers robust customer service along with useful tools to design, create and test your email marketing campaigns.

#7. RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder

If you wish to utilize the power of social sharing while developing email marketing strategies, RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder will qualify as the most revered choice. With its incredible link builder, you will have the opportunity of information sharing through emails.

#8. Marketo

Those wishing to take that giant leap towards advanced marketing efforts must use Marketo. With the help of this tool, marketers will have a chance of integrating email marketing into automated marketing campaigns.

#9. Hemingway App

Creating a conversational email marketing campaign is half the battle won. And it is imperative to create it without grammatical errors and wordiness. Get the Hemingway App and you will get knowledgeable on the appropriate terminologies for email marketing campaigns.

#10. Raven URL Builder 

While using Google for your email marketing campaign, it will be beneficial to have an idea about Google analytics. Tools such as Raven URL Builder for Google Analytics help you gather information on the source of visits, thus helping in the determination of marketing efforts.

With these top 10 email marketing services and tools, your email marketing campaigns will inevitably reach the peak of success.

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