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Top 10 Social Media Protocols For Brands To Follow

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Eating grossly in public. Yelling about the baseless issues. Brick Batting speaker amid the speeches. Argue with your superiors. Invited to the party but not showing up.

Ever confronted these kinds of incidents and felt awkward. Of course. Reading this makes everyone feel unsophisticated. There will be some social etiquettes to behave in some places.

Likewise, social media also got some etiquette for Brand and Branding.

Poor responding to the comments and uploading once in a while, not engaging with the followers. All these things can have a big slap in the face of the brand. Moreover, in the kind of market what we are in is a fussy space choked in with more marketing stuff trying to win badly.

Social media is a spine to both physical and digital market spaces. Without the support of social media, nothing is possible, at least not in this digital period. Let’s check the “top 10 social media rules to follow for brands”.

1. Everyday posting is a must.

Rare posting about the product can hurt your brand image. Regular posting about the brand or product let people talk about you, at least word of mouth.

Social media give you leads and a lot more if you utilized it properly and following social media etiquettes. People always love new things and follows them instantly.

2. Hashtags- Swarm of hashes, Nah!!!

Hashtag is social media’s favorite symbol. But a swarm of hashtags to one post looks immature and unreal. Whenever you post something, go with the minimal and some decent hashtags so that your followers or new entrants find it refreshing. A common mistake what people often do is going with similar hashtags, for instance, #cool, #traveldairies and so on. These hashtags are used by more than half of the world population. You as a brand using the same stuff may not be easily recognized. Go with the hashtag something that has a less number count and try to boost it.

3. Heed on tools to manage professional and personal accounts

Human makes err.

But when you know that they are some tools to manage your business and personal accounts evenly and still not heeding on them is a sloth-thing.

Use tools like Hootsuite, one of the professional management of many social media accounts. It helps you to schedule or send regular posts without any mistake. Unintentional schedules or posts can be deleted or edited with the help of Hootsuite.

4. Maintain dignity when dealing with rivals

Gagging about the rivals or your peer brands on social channels can make people get kick out of it, and it can be entertaining and fun. But make sure it doesn’t get an ugly and worse comeback from the others or the competing brands.

If the situation gets uglier, you and your brand suffer more backlashes from the rival and as well as followers. It is like giving direct access to the people to follow the other brand instead yours.

5. Chuck off the automated messages

It is not like you have to ditch it entirely. But while commenting to your followers say no to the automated bot that messages the same old replies or tweets.

Ditch and have direct communication with the people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Users can easily find out whether a bot or an employee working replying to the messages. Bot messages can make users piqued, and a chance of hitting the “unfollow” button is more.

6. Respond and Reply

Posting your brand is not just enough in the social media market.

For example, if your brand is an e-shopping store automatically followers and outside the page-viewers message you for the price and details of the product and wants a reply from you. Making them wait for a long day or not responding at all might make them exasperating and eventually leaves the page.

It affects your PR badly.

7. Be in the shoes of customers

Understanding the needs of your customers at first hand gives you the potency to deal with the crowd. Some love fun to the page, some want entertaining memes, while some find inspiration. Keeping all these things in mind, act accordingly to their requirements.

Every day come up with something that can be schooled by adding fun to it, help users in finding entertaining.

8. Make them interested not just liking

People say a lot of things are interesting in social media. But I would suggest brands that…

Interesting is different from Interested.


It should be like people must be interested in going to your pages on social media than finding random interesting things once in a while. Every day they should be curious about what you will come up with that makes them more interesting.

9. Connect with viewers emotionally

Selling a brand or product in social media should be something that relates close to the people. The product should make viewers or followers emotionally attached. For instance, advertising a video that relates to your brand can gain a lot of attention.

Merely selling your product with no means and using the same old content to sell never gives you hearts or thumbs up and not even a comment to the product.

10. Say yes to sharing and nay to oversharing

Play wisely with the brand. A couple or a few times posting in a day seems reasonable to the people. Oversharing your brand in social media piques people, and you give them a chance to leave the page. Do not do that ever again.

The golden ticket to push the mob into your social media pages:

  • Pinterest– A maximum of 10-12 Pins a day.
  • Facebook– 1 or 2 a day is good.
  • Twitter– Nearly 15 Tweets. Cool!
  • LinkedIn– 2 per day.
  • Instagram– 2 posts to make it interesting.

Whizsky’s little secret

Social media is a game changer. Follow the virtual etiquette by creating a trend in being unique, imaginative, and innovative. Stop plagiarizing the content and pirating someone’s ideas into yours. Search for the things which are in vogue and remix with memes and more sensibly by making it fun and entertaining.

Got a knack in playing and dealing with the brand can be a Midas touch!

Hope, 10 mantras are practical and fun to use.

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Last Updated on April 1, 2019 by Vishal Ravish