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Top 10 Websites to Get Free Stock Videos for Social Media

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As our attention spans decrease, marketers are heavily relying more and more on creating video content to boost search engine rankings, increase engagement and website traffic rates. In 2018 it will be more prevalent as the video is the most preferable and effective medium to provide information to the customers.

As we can observe in our news feed that we are getting more and more video content. To take advantage of this growing trend, you need video footage. But that can be complicated and costly to produce. So we’ve rounded up a list of top websites where you can get free stock videos to use in your social media content.

10 best sites for free stock videos

#1 Pixabay


pixabay stock videos

Pixabay has a huge repository of 1.2 million images and videos and you don’t need to get permission or give credit to the artist to use or modify the content, even if you’re using it for commercial purposes as all the videos are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License.

Pixabay has a great collection of HD stock videos, whether you’re looking for a quick 12-second clip of someone typing or a minute-long shot of future earth from space.

#2 Pexels

Pexel started off as a free photo site but has since added a large library of free HD stock videos. All the videos are released CC0 license so you can edit and use the videos for personal or commercial purposes without asking for permission or linking back to the original source. Use their list of popular searches to find the most in-demand stock videos.

#3 Videvo

Videvo offer million of stock videos as well as motion graphics created by their community of users. The videos are released under Videvo Standard License which means videos can be downloaded for free to use in any project, the only restriction is that you don’t make the clips available for download anywhere else.

Any video licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 can be used in any project but credit must be given to the original creator. You can find licensing information on the download page for each clip.

#4 Life of Vids

It is a collection of free stock videos clips, and loops from Leeroy, an advertising agency in Montreal, Canada. There are no copyright restrictions, but redistribution on other sites is limited to 10 videos.

#5 SplitShire

Splitshire is a website created by web designer Daniel Nanescu, to offer his photos and videos free for personal and commercial use. You can get drone footage of beautiful outdoor scenes, and you can download them by clicking on the title below each video. You’re free to use them across all your social media channels.

#6 Distill

Distill is a collection of carefully curated stock footage, made for creatives by creatives. You just have to submit your email address and you’ll get 10 free videos delivered to your inbox every 10 days. It is one of the best sources to get free quality stock videos.

#7 Stock Footage for Free

Stock Footage 4 Free has a wide range of video footage you can use on your social networks. Sign up with your email, and you’ll have access to their entire collection of professional stock videos. They all come with a royalty-free license, meaning you can use their clips without any fees.

With new videos added everyday videos on Stock Footage 4 Free are organized in categories, making it easy to find a clip that will fit your brand.

#8 Videezy

Videezy has a large collection of video clips that are royalty-free for personal and commercial use. There’s a wide variety of high-quality video clips to choose from, in both HD and 4K resolution. When searching for videos, any results marked with “Pro” are premium clips that are only available by paying with credits.

#9 VideoBlock

VideoBlock is the collection of aerial footage, time-lapse videos, and standard B-roll clips of various environments and situations. You have to log in to the website to download free stock videos. During your 7-day free trial, you can download 20 files per day.

#10 VidsPlay

There are new videos added on a weekly basis to the Vids play collection, which makes it a great resource for keeping your social video content fresh and you can download and use any video without paying royalties.

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