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Top 15 Popular Indian YouTube Personalities

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Check out the list of top popular Indian YouTube personalities and get entertained.

  • Wilbur Sargunaraj: Wilbur Sarguaraj is the India’s first famous YouTube personality. He is a performing artist and He has acquired almost 3.1 million views on his music and instrumental video. His videos are highly entertaining and mesmerizing.


  • Nisha Madhulika: Nisha started her food blog in the year 2007. Very soon this food blog gained popularity and on demand, she created her own website which was developed by her son. Her videos of food making are very high in demand.

  • Raghav Pande’s Xcell Fitness: this is one of the most famous youtube destinations for fitness lover. Raghav Pandey is a certified trainer and nutritionist. He started his channel in 2009, and now various national and international clients visit his website for guidance.


  • Sonal Sagaraya: she is an animation student and initially browsed for video tutorials for animation. Very soon, she got her own idea to make a personal YouTube destination for makeup tips. Today this woman has several followers on youtube who follow these tips.

  • Vir das: Vir das is very famous now and does not need any introduction. He is a comedian and is very well known in the world of youtube. There are millions of subscribers who follow him on youtube to enjoy the quirky humor.

  • Suresh Menon: Suresh Menon is very popular personality. He is a well-known actor of Bollywood. This veteran actor has a youtube channel for his comedy. Along with his own YouTube channel, he also runs a separate channel where he creates spoofs on veteran journalist Arnab Goswami.

  • Abish Mathew: Abish Mathew is a standup comedian and his highly famous on YouTube. Along with comedy, he is also an actor and musician. He is very famous for various musical, sketch and stand up comedies.

  • Vah Chef: This channel was started in 2007. Veteran chef Sanjay Thumma conducts it. This is the best destination for the food lovers. For years, this site has aided in popularizing Indian dishes. He is one of the most popular youtube personalities.

  • Manjula’s Kitchen: She is another famous personality of youtube. She is famous for popularizing various Indian foods. Her channel contains over 200 recipes. People highly follow her channel to get updated about various Indian foods.

  • Sahil Bedi: This guy is famous on youtube for pranks and experiments. He started this site a few years back but has soon considered being one of the famous youtube With his camera, he captures the world which is funny and entertaining.

  • Paras Tomar: He is a TV host and an RJ. His youtube channel contains his experience of traveling. Being a journalist himself, he knew the best thing to give people. Presently he is considered as one of the famous youtube personality. 

  • Malishka Unleashed: She is the personality who conducts various interviews of Bollywood personalities. Her channel is very famous among people especially youngsters.

  • Chai with Laxmi: She is also very famous on YouTube because of her famous celebrity talk show. This chat show is very interesting, and it talks about positive methods for shaping India.

  • Gaurav Gera: This comedian has already made a separate mark in the YouTube world. Millions of followers follow his channel to enjoy hardcore comedies which are performed by him.

  • Shraddha Sharma: she is a cute girl who has made her mark since she was 15. Hailing from a family of musicians shraddha Sharma is famous for uploading some of the beautiful musical tracks.

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