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Top Market Research Questions To Ask Your Customers

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Let me remind you all, which the business people obviously know the value of customers in the marketing field. And the most important thing that every marketer has to know is, what does the customer think of their products or brand. The customer’s opinions matter a lot. If their opinion is good, that’s a relief. If bad, you can actually learn the mistakes and try not doing the same as before. The thing here is, the customer’s say is everything for the improvements of your sales and profits. That’s the reason, the feedbacks have been started. But that’s after a customer buys something from you. For an effective business, it is essential to know the requirements and needs of the customers. Then only, one can have an idea what their customer actually in search for. Once, you directly meet their requirements and help them in getting their product by making their work easier, there you get a huge appreciation and they will always opt you first. This is applicable and necessary for both small scale and large scale businesses. For, this you need to get the regarding information from your customers according to their preferences. This is simply called as “consumer market research”.


Let me explain you about “consumer market research” in detail! The consumer market research is the systematic collection of data regarding customer’s preferences for actual and potential products/services. The goal of the customer marketing research is to find out the customer to reach their demand and necessities. The market research helps the company to grow their marketings and the opportunity of increasing their sales by understanding their customer exploring and analyzing their needs according to their attitudes, behavior, personality with a reliable and valid information to target the perfect customers. The customer marketing research is actually a convenient and practical way to monitor the marketing performance, satisfy the customer needs, for more customer traffic, to gain a hand over the competitors in the market, be a popular brand of all they are present and to more expand their business.  

How to do the consumer marketing research?  

Okay! the marketing research can be done both online or offline that is on papers traditionally where the questionnaire is listed. For online, the social media comes in very handy. The research could be done through conducting surveys on twitter, facebook, and other social platforms.   

What does the survey or the questionnaires should consist of?

The survey or the questionnaire must be in such a way that it must cover everything that discovers the likes and needs of the customers. The thing to remember here is, it must match to everyone’s preferences. The questions to include are demographic questions like their age, gender, income, professions, psychographic questions like interests, hobbies, behavior, and attitudes of the customers. The other questions like their budget they are comfortable with and likes & dislikes etc.

Let us see the Top 30 questions that are to be included in Consumer Market Research:

Get started with basics:

  1. Name-
  2. Age-
  3. Gender-
  4. Profession-
  5. Address and contact info-

Learn about the further details of the product like-

  1. What is the product you are willing to buy?  
  2. What is the budget you are comfortable with?
  3. Describe your requirements and choices?
  4. What is the toughest part when it comes to buy something?
  5. How do you explain the state of yourself when comes to buying stuff?

The above questions let you understand the customer needs and know what is their mind. Understand them, an act according to their preferences. This saves you lot of time and effort, instead of showing them all that which they might not be interested in.

Get to know, how they came to know about you

  1. Have you tried other brands or places before coming in here? And what’s that point that made you choose us over others?
  2. What made you choose our brand or store? Any recommendations from family and friends?

These questions give you an idea where can you actually target more customers.

Ask them about their expectations and experiences

  1. What do you expect from the place and the staff to be when you are willing to buy something from?
  2. What do you least expect from the person who shows you the product?
  3. Your experiences, if you have visited the place earlier?
  4. Any situation that made you feel frustrated and annoyed from other brands?
  5. Have our products and staff stood up to your expectations?
  6. What makes you feel content and happy after buying anything from us?
  7. What do you think your experience should be once you are exiting from our store?

Know their expectations and experiences. Train your staff members to learn every other detail and act accordingly. Know their bad experiences from other stores or companies and try not to let your customers face the same issue.

Take their suggestions to improve more.

For that use questions like,
  1. What is that you want to change something about the service we provide If any?
  2. What do you think we should improve in to be better from others? Any suggestions?
  3. On the scale of 10, what would you rate for our service and the quality of the products we provide?

The suggestions, feedbacks are essential for a progress of a company. Even good or bad, accept them and try to improve in other aspects too for not getting criticism next time.

Help the customers after purchasing one product with questions

  1. What else can we do to help you?
  2. What would you like to see next?

The above two questions help to try out other products too other than one, go in and help them with other product too.

Ask this question to know your competitors according to them.

  1. Are there any stores or companies that you see as our competitors?

Who knows about the top companies, brands or stores on the market better than the consumers right?  So ask them to learn who are your competitors and make changes in your marketing strategies to be ahead of them.

Ask More questions like:

  1. How often do you go shopping?
  2. Are you willing to visit us any other time in future?
  3. Do you recommend your friends and family to give our company or store a try?

This directly makes you understand whether they are satisfied with your service or not. If they are, they would surely recommend. It makes you improve more marketing strategies for improvement.

4. What is that source which you usually see to search for where to purchase and other          information?

This question lets you know, where do the people search so that you can advertise in that particular places like in social media, magazines, newsletters and more.

5. Do you like us to expand the products and our company? What are those products that        are likely to get more popular according to you?

This helps you know what can you more bring the products according to your customer’s needs and recommendations to further expand your business for more sales.


These questions serve as a great way for a customer market research. Ask your consumers fill in the questionnaire that helps both them and you too. For the active participation, ask them to fill in and get amazing offers and deals. Through this customer market research questions, you can reach right people or targeted one’s which is obviously a cost-effective, smart tool for customer satisfaction, product, and service development too. It also helps you fill in the gaps where you are actually lagging. This provides you an easy access to make decisions in your business that only leads to profits. Not only these above questions, come up with more creative ideas for both surveyings and for promoting.  

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