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Top Online Apps to find List of Best Doctors in India

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Finding a good doctor can prove to be quite tricky, especially, if you are new in a city. When you are looking for a doctor, there are few crucial things that you need to take into account such as the specific care you need, doctor’s credentials, reviews from other patients. If you are new in a particular area or city, it might not easy for you to locate the right doctor for yourself or your family member. Keeping this dilemma in mind, different technophiles have come up with different apps, to make lives of common men easier.

The smartphone users can easily download the apps and take advantage of them in times of need. For example, if your family member develops some health condition and you are not aware of any doctor who could treat your relative, navigate through the apps to find out the most suitable doctors. Furthermore, you can also book appointments using the apps. Gone are the days, of waiting for long hours in the doctor’s clinic to book your appointment and waiting for your turn.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 Apps to find the best doctors around you.


Download this health and fitness app to search for the best doctors and clinics and to book appointments without any hassle. The Practo app is available for download by every android and iOS user. With a Practo app, you can look for doctors in 22 different Indian cities. There are about 120,000 verified doctors’ profiles that you can surf through. It’s free to use and easy to navigate.


As a responsible family member, you need to make informed health related decision, not only about yourself but for others in your family too. With Lybrate app, you can interact with the leading doctors and ask them about any kind of your health related query. Apart from finding health specialists and booking appointments with them to meet them face to face, Lybrate also offers feeds from various healthcare experts giving you valuable tips for a healthy and long life.

Qikwell :

Qikwell aims to establish a pleasant experience between a patient and a doctor, through their app. With this app, you will get live information about a particular doctor’s availability, get instant confirmation about your appointment with the doctor, you will get notified in there’s any change in your appointment schedule or if it’s cancelled. So, download this app to get in touch with your doctor easily. Also, through this app, you can ask your doctor any urgent question, without having to visit him or her.


MeraDoctor was launched in February 2015 and within 3 months there have been about 50,000 downloads of the app. The interface of MeraDoctor is pretty similar to whatsapp, which guarantees its ease of use. With MeraDoctor app on your smart phone, get handy healthcare advice and also book chat appointments with renowned doctors. Every doctor listed on MeraDoctor app are appropriately qualified. MeraDoctor closely monitors the activities and sees to it that every user has a very good and genuine experience with the doctors.


If you want to find the best doctor, try the BookMyDoctor app. This app search engine allows you to find doctors according to specialisation and location. The app works round the clock, so look for your doctor and book an appointment at anytime and from anywhere in the world. The best thing is the BookMyDoctor app sends you reminders about your scheduled appointment. Download this free app and bid adieu to the hassles of calling and booking your appointment and waiting long hours , before you can see the doctor.

There you go, download the best apps to find doctors online in India. You can read reviews of the doctors using the apps and accordingly, decide who you going to consult for your healthcare needs.

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