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Top WordPress Tips for Beginners In 2022

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You must be thorough and jam-packed with our previous article which stated the new trends of WordPress. Well, we are talking about the most popular Content Management System in the world which actually covers 4.5% of the whole internet. Approximately 50 to 60% websites that use CMS are built on WordPress and that is a huge number. It has also increased the WordPress Development Companies.


While you were making WordPress themes and Plugins you must be facing some errors and they are not something you must be concerned about; mistakes are bound to happen and we are here to guide you through so that you take care of those mistakes next time.

So if you are a WordPress developer then let’s take a look at what are the mistakes you have to avoid.

#1 Optimize the website for mobile users

Do you know that more than 60% of internet traffic generates from mobile devices and this number is still increasing? A web developer can only understand why optimization of WordPress websites is important. It helps the website to deliver a better user experience. Not optimizing the websites can result in website incompatibility for mobile phones and reduces web traffic too. One way to tackle this is to use a receptive theme of WordPress which adapts automatically to the screen of the device in which it is used. You can also use some Plugins like WPtouch WP Tap to make your website compatible with mobile devices.

#2 Back It Up

We know that most of the companies provide automatic backups but we would suggest you make a copy of your own too because you can’t believe in technology every time. There is no harm in backing up you just have to schedule it and leave it. There are a lot of plugins available for backing up data and we would recommend Vault Press. Always be choosy while choosing a backup platform.

#3 Change the Default Admin Username

This is a common mistake and most of the users commit this often. We do emphasize changing the admin username so that you are not vulnerable to hackers. Imagine if a hacker targets your website and uses the default username then it would make it a lot easier for him to find the password and hack your website.

#4 Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is equally important as backing up your data. Trust us, choosing the wrong platform would be the last thing you want to do. WordPress.com is one good choice because it is free of cost and you can customize it to your choice. No need to worry about server setup, update or backups. On the contrary, WordPress.org requires buying WordPress hosting and installing it on WordPress. It does give you whole control of the website with unlimited themes, customizations, and plugins. You must go through the pros and cons of WordPress.org and WordPress.com first and then accordingly choose the required platform.

#5 Update It Regularly

Developing a website is not the only thing you are supposed to do you must regularly update it to get the latest contents. Not updating the website can be one’s biggest mistake because it can limit the maintenance and management of the website. Failing to update the website can result in crashing of the website anytime. Also if the website is not updating when you are surrounded by the threats getting it hacked or infected with a virus or malware.

#6 Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers the most important insights and statistics of a website. Most of the WordPress developers are unaware of Google Analytics and that is a big mistake. Because having Google Analytics on board can help you to save a lot of time and perform efficiently. Google Analytics helps you to monitor the traffic of the website and also track visitor’s behavior. You can easily decide which keywords are performing well and which are not. In case you want to administer the health and maintenance of your website then you can also use one tool named Google Webmaster.

In this world of WordPress simplicity is the key and every WordPress Development Company is focusing on that. With the growing demand for WordPress, companies are also hiring WordPress developers in abundance. No doubt that in the present scenario most of the internet is revolving around WordPress.

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