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Tumblr Looking To Include Longer Reads

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Tumblr has not yet developed as a matured social media platform, as it is more like a place where different goof ups take place in a light and scattered manner. It has been observed that Tumblr has not been able to push anything in a significant manner among its users. With increasing porn on Tumblr the users from a different community is taking to increase their stake on this social media platform and due to these severe issues the management team of Tumblr has now tighten their seat belts for bringing reforms in the strategy so that the platform can be uplifted in the league of prominent social networking platforms.

Users will be able to upload blog posts in the manner they have written it along with different ways of structuring the work in unique manner. It will also give the flexibility of using subheads, horizontal lines, uploading flashy things, and simple things. In addition to these changes one will also be able to upload videos and images along with the blog. The feature of getting notifications will also be enabled when users will respond to a post making it an interactive platform to discuss a topic in a significant manner.

The team of Tumblr has a long way to go in comparison to Facebook and Twitter but, significant changes that can attract serious users apart from the younger ones can help in boosting the popularity of this platform in an effective way.


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