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Update your Whats App Now For This Cool “Unsend” Feature

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While using Whats App, we all make a mistake of sending the wrong message to the wrong person and regret it. As we could not do anything about it. Well gone are those days as Whats App has launched its message recall option. Using this unsend feature you can recall your message within seven minutes of sending the message.

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When will you receive the Update?

Whats App has more than a billion users over all the platforms so it is difficult to roll out a feature at once for all. So there is a possibility your friend might get it before you. The update will be available in few days for all compatible devices.

You will soon receive the update notification or you can try by updating the app yourself. You just have to go to Whats App setting then chat option and perform a backup. Also, you can try by re-installing the app. The feature is available for both Desktop and Mobile application.

How does Recall option work?

The process of recalling the message is quite simple and straightforward. It is quite similar to Undo option in Gmail. You Just have to simply tap and long press the message you want to unsend and press the delete icon on top the screen. Once you click on the delete icon, the platform will give you three option:

  • Delete for Everyone
  • Delete for me
  • Cancel

The Delete for Everyone will delete the message for you and your receiver, the Delete for Me will delete the message only for you and Cancel will simply close the Delete window.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this feature is time sensitive. You have to perform the delete action in less than seven minutes only than your message will be revoked. The recipient may see your message before it’s deleted or if the deletion was not successful. On successful deletion, the receiver will receive a message “this message was deleted for everyone”.


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Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Whizsky