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UrbanClap Review- To Find Good Service Providers Right Away

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Haven’t we visualized a life that is simpler and opportune? In today’s gizmo-freaked and tech-savvy age where almost everything has been constructed in a more fulfilling and convenient way, UrbanClap caters to execute our visualization in a clap. Astounding? Well! This app is a raised idea to make our metropolitan lives satisfying to unravel our requirements and needs in a clap. This app was constructed to create a substantial tech-business by deciphering the needs of consumers in India. Let’s analyze what are the inventive approaches this app has encompassed, what is lacks and should you download it or not?

Since its commencement, till date:


UrbanClap was instigated in October 2014 by Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj Bhal and Varun Khaitan. Formerly residing in the U.S., the three founders were engineers at highly reputed organizations. Subsequent to their return to India, the three ambitious initiators aspired to instigate a startup that would prove to be a boon for the consumer-related issues in India. They worked upon the idea and leveraged the mobile technology by launching UrbanClap to cater to all consumer related issues by polishing on local services.

Currently, the company encompasses more than one-thousand service providers registered encasing reputed companies and individuals. UrbanClap boasts to be the leading mobile-based services souk in India. It was brought into being aspiring moreover just as a listings proposal but there is so much more to it. Recently, the startup was cascaded with a vote-of-confidence from SAIF partners, Accel partners and Snapdeal founder and raised 10crores in funding from them. Presently based in Delhi, the company would use their assets to spread out beyond Delhi to more than 10 cities around the country by the end of this year.

What is UrbanClap and how does it work?

UrbanClap facilitates users to hit upon any service professional. Whether it is an interior designer, an English teacher, a yoga instructor or a guitarist; you name it and they have it. This startup aspires to change the face of the country by uplifting the platform of mobile-based technology and help people to find what they are searching for. This application is going beyond possibilities to lend a hand to the customer’s in completing their projects and ventures which are significant to their urban lives. They assert to hook up with their users to veterans who can accurately do what they want at an affordable price.

Working: You need to download this app on your mobile phones. Elucidate your requirements to help them comprehend your needs of the services you need and on what day you want the overhaul for. Instantly, you will witness veterans who would connect with you to suit your needs and wish to help you. You can judge from the best, comparing the portfolio’s of professionals along with their quotes, background and experience and then, you can contact the ones you akin to. However, UrbanClap providers give you the most affordable quotes. You are being responded within three hours from the time when you contact the company.


Well! If you have to win the game, you have to be in the game! However, local services in a large economy like India make it a must which perhaps, calls for competition. The competitors in line with UrbanClap are Zepper, Doormint, Mr.Right to name a few adjoining JustDial, Yellow Pages as listing portals along with providers such as Hammer, Mop.

Should you download UrbanClap?

Well! The challenge here is about comprehending and constructing the right creation for the consumers and for the professionals. The founders Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj Bhal and Varun Khaitan along with their team have been leaving no stone unturned, they are competent to progress on this service-providing journey quite well. You must download UrbanClap and make use of it. Way to go UrbanClap! All you couch-potatoes and all those who want things simpler, this one is just the ideal app for you.

  • User Experience
  • Ease of use
  • Service
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