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Year 2022’s Social Media Calendar for Social Media Marketers India

Social Media Calendar 2020
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As a social media marketer, we all know the importance of planning for campaigns well ahead of time. A new year means a new beginning, new challenges, and new opportunities for every marketing manager. It’s time to start planning your marketing campaigns, allocating your budget, and defining your goals for the coming year.

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

To help you organize your work, We have created this 2020 social media holiday calendar with a listing of some of the most important events and holidays of 2020.

So let’s get started with Social Media Calendar of 2020. 


5th January 2020Deepika Padukone Birthday
10th January 2020 World Laughter Day / Hrithik Roshan
12th January 2020 National Youth Day 
13th January 2020 Lohri
14th January 2020 Makar Sankranti / Pongal
15th January 2020 Pongal/Indian Army Day
20th January 2020Cheese Lovers Day
25th January 2020 National Voters Day
26th January 2020Republic Day
28th January 2020Community Manager Appreciation Day
30th January 2020Martyr’s Day


4th February 2020 World Cancer Day
5th February 2020 Abhishek Bachchan Birthday
9th February 2020 Pizza Day/Guru Ravidas Jayanti
13th February 2020 Shivratri / World Radio Day
14th February 2020 Valentine’s Day
15th February 2020 Singles Awareness Day
20th February 2020 Love Your Pet Day
21st February 2020 Maha Shivratri


3rd March 2020 National Anthem Day/ World Wildlife Day
8th March 2020 International Women’s Day
10th March 2020 Holi
14th March 2020 Aamir Khan Birthday
15th March 2020 Alia Bhatt Birthday/World Sleep Day
20th March 2020 World Oral Health Day/
International Day Of Happiness
21st March 2020 World Poetry Day
22nd March 2020 World Water Day
23rd March 2020 Martyr’s Day/Kangana Ranaut Birthday
27th March 2020World Theatre Day
31st March 2020 International Transgender Day Of lity


1st April 2020April’s Fools Day/International Fun At Work Day
2nd April 2020Ram Navami
7th April 2020 World Health Day
10th April 2020 Sibling’s Day/Good Friday
11th April 2020 National Pet Day
13th April 2020 Vaisakhi
14th April 2020 Ambedkar Jayanti
16th April 2020 Stress Awareness Day
22nd April 2020 Earth Day
24th April 2020 Varun Dhawan / Sachin Tendulkar
29th April 2020 International Dance Day
30th April 2020 International Jazz Day


1st May 2020 Labor Day/Maharashtra Day
3rd Maya 2020World Laughter Day/ Press Freedom Day
4th May 2020 Star Wars Day
10th May 2020 Mother’s Day
17th May 2020 World Hypertension Day
19th May 2020Nawazuddin Siddique
25th May 2020 Karan Johar
31st May 2020World No Tobacco Day


1st June 2020 Parents’ Day

5th June 2020
World Environments’ Day
8th June 2020 World Ocean Day
12th June 2020World Day Against Child Labor
14th June 2020 World Blood Donor Day
15th June 2020 Nature Photography Day
21st June 2020 Father’s Day/World Music Day /
International Day of Yoga/
World Selfie Day
30th June 2020 Social Media Day


1st July 2020 International Joke Day
5th July 2020 Guru Purnima
6th July 2020 Ranveer Singh Birthday
7th July 2020 World Chocolate Day / Mahendra Singh Dhoni Birthday
11th JulyWorld Population Day
16th July 2020 Katrina Kaif Birthday
17th July 2020 Emoji Day/National Tattoo Day
18th July 2020 Priyanka Chopra/Nelson Mandela Day
21st July 2020 World Icecream Day
31st July 2020 Bakr Id/ Eid Ul Adha


1st August 2020Tapsee Pannu Birthday
2nd August 2020International Beer Day/ Friendship Day
3rd August 2020 Rakshabandhan
9th August 2020Mahesh Babu Birthday/Book Lovers Day
11th August 2020Janmashtami
15th August 2020Independence Day
19th August 2020Photography Day
22nd August 2020Ganesh Chaturthi
26th August 2020International Dog Day
31st August 2020Onam


4th Sept 2020National Wildlife Day
5th Sept 2020Teacher’s Day
7th Sept 2020National Beer Lovers Day
10th Sept 2020World Suicide Prevention Day
15th Sept 2020Engineers’ Day
17th Sept 2020Narender Modi Birthday
21st Sept 2020Kareena Kapoor/ National Chai Day
28th Sept 2020Ranbir Kapoor Birthday


1st October 2020International Cofee Day/ Worlds Vegetarian Day
2nd October 2020Gandhi Jayanti
4th October 2020World Smile Day
8th October 2020Navratri
10th October 2020
World Mental Health Day/ World Chicken Day
11th October 2020 Amitabh Bachchan
16th October 2020National Boss Day/ World Food Day
25th October 2020Dussehra
29th October 2020Internet Day/ Id-e-Milad
31st October 2020Halloween


2nd November 2020Shahrukh Khan Birthday
4th November 2020 Karva Chauth
5th November 2020Virat Kohli Birthday
6th November 2020Stress Awareness Day

13th November 2020
World Kindness Day
14th November 2020Children’s Day/Diwali
19th November 2020International’s Men Day
20th November 2020Transgender Day Of Remembrance
30th November 2020 Guru Nanak Jayanti


1st December 2020World AIDS Day
15th December 2020International Tea Day
20th December 2020Taimur
25th December 2020Christmas
27th December 2020Salman Khan Birthday
31st December 2020New Year’s Eve

This is the social media calendar for 2020. So buckle up and start preparing for your social media campaigns for 2020.

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