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YouTube Add “Stories” To The Channels With 10k+ Subscribers. Amidst, Is The YouTube Community pleased?

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YouTube started rolling out Instagram-like stories, a feature which’s been tested since last year.

The video sharing website, YouTube allows the feature for the channels over 10,000 subscribers, where the YouTuber can publish stories on the mobile application paving an opportunity for more creators to share their stories. Subscribers and non-subscribers of the channel can view the feature.

Is it a lookalike? Does it differ from Instagram?

The YouTube stories might sound similar to that of the photo-sharing platform, Instagram and other platforms like SnapChat but the YouTube team explains the significant difference between YouTube Stories and Instagram Stories. Suggested that users be aware of the distinctive features form that of the other platforms.

Unlike Instagram, YouTube Stories stay up for seven days on the mobile application, whereas Instagram lasts only for 24-hours. The stories show up in YouTube’s ‘Up Next’ sidebar parallel to a video. Creators using the tool will be capable of responding to fans who interact with their stories, can be seen by anyone who comes across the story. The feature lets followers and viewers to leave questions or comments on stories, where creators can address to the each of the comments publicly. Whereas, the comment feature is sent privately via direct message on Instagram. The YouTube stories feature to appear in a carousel at the top home screens of subscribers offering the same creation tools for stories like Snapchat and Instagram.

In 2017, YouTube tested a new feature called “Reels” similar to the Stories on Snapchat and Instagram. The feature is tested among a small group of the site’s creators. The platform enables one to share own set of videos of up to 30 seconds each by mixing up with filters or text and music just like the Instagram and other photo sharing platforms. The team also stated that they are bringing creator-focused features like YouTube-y stickers and linking on YouTube.

Equivocal reactions to the new feature

Ever since YouTube rolled out the new feature, it couldn’t make a shout out from the YouTube creators and users.

Reddit has discovered that People have expressed mixed reactions about Stories on YouTube. A user from Reddit suggested YouTube needs to focus more on its ongoing issues, including advertising concerns and demonetization problems before launching bonus features to it.

The death of YouTube is finally coming to light,” one of the Reddit users wrote on a thread about the YouTube Stories. “If they stop copying other social media and keep/support all of the old features (i.e., annotation) there is still a chance they will keep users.”(sic)

YouTube personality Philip Defranco expressed a few concern about Stories, admitting that tho there’s some potential, he is not appealed by the rollout.

“Youtube ‘Stories’ are weird,” DeFranco tweeted. “They stay up for 7 days, they allow comments, but you can only reply with another video/pic, and they currently lack swipe up/video linking features which to me seems like a missed opportunity. Potential, but I’m skeptical.”

YouTube released a statement about the widespread rollout to creators that the team “applied feedback that we got from you to build a product specifically designed with you, the YouTube creator, in mind.”

For better or for worse, YouTube brings the different approach to the feature. Besides all the mixed reactions and comments for the YouTube Stories, it appears to be every social app is leaping on the stories trend this 2018.

Let’s not quickly jump into the conclusions and try the best of the feature.

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Last Updated on December 5, 2018 by Ramya Krishna Cherukuri