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Yu Yureka, a Glimpse on Promotions and Responses

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Recently launched Micromax phone Yu Yureka made lot of news and stirred the android pot as the phone offered awesome features in very affordable price. Despite that it didn’t hit the bull’s eye and couldn’t maintain it sales consistency as was initially seen within a few days of its launch. Let’s look at what all Micromax did to promote its new phone and what loopholes came alongside.

Micromax took heed of perhaps the best platform to promote and sale its new product- Amazon.  Amazon, the social media partner for Micromax’s Yu Yureka, had announced that the smartphone would be available on 28th January for limited consumers. The online retailer had revealed that the sale was meant for “contest winners and impacted customers” who had earlier booked the handset but were unable to avail the product due to certain issues.

The ‘Exclusive Access Sale’ for Micromax’s Yu Yureka was held between 2-3pm IST. The online retailer in a press release highlighted that eligible customers on Wednesday would receive an invite email from Amazon.in – contest winners who had won the Yureka smartphone in any contest hosted by Yu across their social media channels; as well as customers whose orders had to be cancelled when they had purchased the Yureka at the MRP (Rs. 12,499) instead of the sale price (Rs. 8,999) during the first sale hosted on January 13, registered users who were unable to purchase the Yureka due to payment issues on the e-commerce website, and customers who received a defective or damaged Yureka smartphone.

The company had also confirmed that the third sale for the Yureka smartphone would happen on Thursday as was earlier planned. The first sale saw 15,000 units of Micromax’s Yu Yureka go out of stock in 4 seconds. 10,000 units of Micromax’s Yu Yureka Cyanogen OS-smartphone were made available for the company’s first flash sale, a sale that saw much controversy with site glitches including incorrect price listings and allegations the company actually made only 3,000 units available for sale. The company announced that 10,000 units had gone out of stock in 3 seconds.


The responses of the buyers were not overwhelmingly good. Many follies and problems with the phone were noticed.  Here are a few-

  • Screen- Under the direct sun phone cannot be used properly as the screen blurs out and the intricate details of whatever is on the screen cannot be viewed properly.

  • Heat – The phone really gets hot when used for long time especially while playing music and surfing or data transferring. Few complained that the temperature might at times soar to as much as 45c.

  • Camera – The camera quality is not tremendously good as few say. When you zoom in any picture you realize this.

  • Audio – Audio quality of Yu Yureka is really poor. The bass as well as decibels are never in good resonance with each other.
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