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Zomato Election League Asks Indians To Predict Next PM And Win Cashbacks

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Zomato is best at promoting its market, and it once again proved by offering discounts and cashbacks to its customers by launching the Zomato Election League. Ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha election results to predict who will be the next Prime Minister of India.

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections became buzzworthy by arousing interests in people who win the final race. Nearly 900 million people in India cast their vote. Many brands utilized the enthusiasm of the elections and campaigned by pleading citizens to go and cast their votes.

The food-discovery and delivery platform, Zomato not to miss the trend has ideated a new game which is a snap-poll variant called as ‘ Zomato Election League’. The in-app prediction rewards game is played when a user orders food from the pre-determined list (at a discount). The game offers you to win cashback if the prediction of who will be the next PM goes correct.

The in-app is similar to Zomato previously ran offer during IPL called as ‘Zomato Premier League’ which allows users to predict who will win the match on a specific day. The offer is a 40% discount provided from the list of restaurants while ordering. The in-app also offers rewards with 30% cashback with Zomato credits if the customer prediction is precise.

Zomato Election League offers to follow the same rules, but the only difference is that users have an opportunity to predict more than one winner. The poll allows users to choose one candidate per order but if chooses multiple orders has the option of guessing a different candidate as a winner with each of the order.

Zomato users can play the game till May 22 where each of the prediction credits will be added as the cashback to the user’s wallet, once the next PM is elected.

How is the game played?

The in-app provides with three options based on media coverage of the front-runners of the elections.

So far the options available on the app to select are-

  • Narendra Modi- BJP
  • Rahul Gandhi- Congress
  • Someone else- other party

The offer started on May 19 and till the morning of May 20. Zomato says that more than 3,20,000 users have participated in the ZEL.

This kind of campaigns by Zomato is not the first time. It initially started with the polls on a choice of food dishes from different states like Kolkata and Pune.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2019 by Vishal Ravish