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360 degree review of Micromax’s social networks

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The technology has amplified and the mobile market is snowed under with an upsurge of Android smart-phones. Innumerable brands have come up with engineered mobile phones but nothing like anything, Micromax has topped the charts. Majority of people are drifting towards this brand which is touted to be amongst the most accepted and well-liked brands. Micromax was just like other not-so-popular mobile brands but what made it so popular? In such crates, repute, goodwill and experience matters. It has just been a decade since Micromax was launched and now, it is all the rage. The brand wisely analyzes the needs and requirements of the customers and hits the nerves; bang-on! Consequently, with every launch this mobile brand has approached with a new-fangled and inventive plan that has been liked and appreciated by the customers.

Since the commencement, till-date:

Instigated in 2005, Micromax has come a long way since a decade. Presently, it is the world’s twelfth largest mobile handset manufacturer in the world. This is a massive victory for sure. It is an Indian brand that is multiplying its reach to various other nations like Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Oman, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong, Brazil, Maldives and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Line of attack- Micromax’s strategy:

Social media is an essential part to connect with people and reach out to them. It feeds on people’s thoughts and controls a major edge over making decisions on what to buy and what not to; however, Micromax comprehends it wisely. They are leveraging their plan and trying their level best to project the brand as an urbane and swish manufacturer. It is all the rage with a well-built social media strategy and an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. When we talk about social media, it is evident that these three social-networking platforms are the most popular ones to top the charts. But the catch here is, to analyze whether Micromax is righteously applying their approach to market and to endorse their brand or not? Let’s find out!

Micromax on Facebook:


Chiefly, Micromax’s Facebook stratagem is self-endorsed. You will notice that the brand has been updating its latest products and sharing details of all the events continually. The brand has been able to heave out an upright rendezvous from the community.

Analyzing the stratagem, Micromax updates insights thrice a day and the content is engaging and likable too but there aren’t any intermingled updates. They are regular with their posts but there is nothing fascinating about it. If there were more conversational and interactive activities to be a foil for their active online presence, it would be a hit for them.

Micromax on Twitter:

With a whooping 7K follower-visual, Micromax’s twitter stratagem is quite impressive but there isn’t much interaction yet again. The tweets they update are a duplication of their Facebook posts with minimal change in it. Holding a good fan following is an encouraging boost for the brand but then, there needs to be some fun element in their social pages.

The brand must get in touch with its followers and must make efforts to uplift the page with engaging tweets. Nonetheless, the stratagem at present is youthful without a doubt but with a few interactive insights, it can raise the ante.

Micromax on YouTube:

Micromax YouTube channel has TVCs with great self-promotional and endorsing content spilled on the social network which is well-liked and appreciated by the youth.

Therefore, Micromax is persistently making efforts to hold on to their reputation and enhance it. Because when it comes to social media, you have to be in the game if you want to win the game.

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