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[App Review] Frapp- The Suitable ‘Internship And Missions’ App For Students

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Every app that I bring to you folks is unique and pragmatic. Some apps speak for people who want to explore new things. The app which I bring to you today will sure give wings especially for Students looking for opportunities like an internship.

About Frapp

Frapp is an online platform that helps students with an internship. The app was launched in 2014 to let students find earn money, exclusive benefits, rewards and more from the top brands. The platform is started for the students who are extremely short of money and looking for the job or internship.

Since its launch, Frapp caught the eyes of several students who are panging for job opportunities/internships. The app gained immense recognition, and it claims to have 500,000+ registered students from across 10,000 colleges in India.

Frapp helps you:

  • Find the internships suitable for you.
  • Look for Student events.
  • Avail the student discounts in India.
  • Track attendance within the app.
  • Earn money and certificates by completing Missions from Top Brands.
  • Participate in Contests and more.

The only Fr‘app’ for Internship

Frapp facilitates students to build their resume with 3 free resume templates. Students can check the desired and suitable role in the fields like technical, marketing, sales, business development, content, social media, a campus ambassador and more, to start as an intern and earn more. With the help of the application, the student can add work experience to their profiles.

The internships may include work-from-home, remote jobs, virtual projects and more.

Frapp is a student only application, and to make sure just a student rolls in the platform, and it uses a ‘Student Identity’ tool to validate their identity digitally.

Apply in Frapp for the internship

To join the army, you need to provide your mobile number where an OTP is sent to your mobile and confirm it by signing up the details provided. Fill in the student’s details, college name, and city.

After the process, Frapp gives freedom to pick your favorite internship out of 15 categories like Events, Engineering and Technology, Operations, Sciences, Analytics, Campus Ambassadors and more.

After you select the filters, you will be guided to the homepage where it recommends a list of internships and tasks for you provided with the stipend on offer.

You can even opt for an option called Missions if you do not want to work as an intern.

Missions is a feature added in the Frapp that let students engage in short tasks like being a social media influencer, event managing, recording for a brand and so on where you can earn rewards, coupons, and certificates.

The list gives you the complete details about the company and job location and even the position along with the salary details.

You can click on the apply button if you are interested in any of the given job roles by providing your college ID or a fee receipt as proof.

Student Identify tool

Students as mentioned need to upload their college IDs to complete the verification process. The Frapp generates a unique digital student ID to access exclusive benefits at restaurants, gyms, multiplexes, salons and more.

Whizsky Score

Overall, what I observed is it has many beneficial sides and nothing much to complain about. The only drawback about it what the reviews say is about the delay in the verification process.

Frapp has nearly 500,000+ downloads and became the trusted and genuine platform among the students who are eagerly looking for earning money through internships.

My overall score for Frapp is 3.5 on the scale of 5. A big thumbs up to the app which took a step in assisting students.

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