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[App Review] Invitly: Unlock Your Business Opportunities With Invitation

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– a business social networking app for professionals to meet through invites for drinks or meals. The app is designed to grow your business opportunities by bringing professionals together in a trusted community.

Ain’t it freaking surprise!!

We saw and experienced the applications which are for pre-booking tables might be hanging out with friends and families or for a splendid date; using workspaces for meetings. But this application is unique from other applications. The application is determined for working people to have an official talk over drinks or scrumptious meal to make the businesses viable bringing plethora of communities at one place.

I reviewed on many applications, but this app is quite a potent to review about.

First invitation from…

Alexander Bregman and Karim Benaissa were the co-founders of the Invitly networking app incepted in the year 2017 located in Paris.

Alex and Karim met during INSEAD Executive MBA program in 2016. The passion for professional networking bought the French and Dutch Duo together to create the app for the business invitations. Karim previously worked at Total in Asia and Europe, whereas Alex claims to be a long-time Googler, frequently traveling through Europe, Russia, and France.

“Professional networking is very hard”, says Alex.

It is confusing, scattered, chaotic, and challenging for many people. One races to the bookshelves which are full of books on business networking and pieces of training on networking. The whole drama is like go, figure out and find what it works for you the best to have a successful meeting.

Traveling for business is the best example of a time when you particularly look out for a network with fellow professionals with an aim to expand your business network. There are so many dating apps, apps for food and places exploration why not an app for professional networking? is born out of the need to make the business meetings less daunting, accessible, efficient, and enjoyable with no awkward small talks.

How does it work?

is an Android application which users can download for free, signing it either with your google account or LinkedIn account. Once you logged into the account, you will be shown with a search tab “ I am available for…” kind of invitation to the professionals to have a business meeting. A user needs to select the categories like ‘Coffee, Lunch or Dinner’ to make sure the invitee is invited at a particular time and day to that location. Professionals will review the invite and join if they want.

The host reviews their profiles and accepts up to 5 people in total in your proximity to a theme such as finance, business, development and so on. The chat box is provided for conversations on where to meet and can even have a one-on-one chat. The app helps you to unlock some fancy badges to boost your profile. The user can request to join or refer the invite to their connections.

Invitly is different for many reasons.

Instead of swiping profiles, like on dating apps you can look through the invites for a meetup with an occasion, theme, place and time. It is also a great way to explores places, restaurants, food and a lot more discovering ‘what’s new’ in your town.

is available globally focusing on significant business hubs like New York, London, Paris, Singapore, New Delhi, etc making meetups happening all around the world by connecting users around. The app speaks English as the primary language because it is connected with the world including expats and business travelers.

is relatively simple to pick up the best fit for you. With a team of 10 it became the fastest growing business social networking app. The international startup raised a total of 460k euros in funding. The app competes with Bumble , , and Ripple some of the geo-targeted professional networking apps.

Go now, unlock the business opportunity around you!

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