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App Review: Lander- Features, Pricing and Benefits

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Using Landing Pages on the website is one of the best methods for the sales and promotion of the company. Landing Pages are used for promoting business by marketing or advertisement campaigns. It is among the best method by which we can attract more customers to our website. Landing Pages are used to make call-to-action phrases by which we can redirect users to some different page like if you have created a Landing Page for the newsletter subscription then for example you have written that ‘To register go to this link…’ this link will redirect users to a different page that will help you to increase the traffic on your website and also help you to increase the rank of your website in Google rankings. Nowadays every small or big enterprise uses Landing Pages to promote their brands and their offers. With Landing Pages, you can easily make a list of user’s email and can send offers directly to emails of your audience. If we own a website and want to provide a free eBook and with this, you also want to attract more users then you first create a Landing Page for this and use some CTC (call-to-action) phrases to gain more influencers to your website. Today we will talk about the best tool Lander app that is used to make landing pages.



Lander is one of the best Landing Page creator tool among different tools that are present in the market. This tool is used to manage marketing campaigns for creating and publishing the mobile-friendly Landing Pages. This tool allows owners to create their own Landing Pages without any knowledge of coding. Lander offers thousands of predesigned templates by which you can easily create some beautiful and appealing Landing Pages that can help you to grow your audience. These templates can be used for selling products, online services, online webinars and other events. We can also create different Landing Pages for our new product’s announcements and you can also create portfolios of yours or your company. It also comes with A/B testing feature by which you can test the different versions of your Landing Page. We can also personalize our Landing page with the help of Lander’s DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) feature. With this tool we can watch the insights of our Landing Page.

Let’s list out some benefits of Lander tool:

  • Lander comes with an editor by which we can create some attractive landing pages and we can easily drag & drop the elements on a landing page.
  • This tool has a form building feature by which you can collect user’s data by online forms.
  • You can also add a Google map of your company into the landing page so that people can find you easily and also able to find the location of the events which are going to organize by your company. You can also add a video to the landing page for promoting your brand, service or product. For this, you need to first drag and drop the video into the landing page with the help of a visual editor and then paste the URL of the video into the widget.
  • With Lander, you can publish your Landing pages on Facebook in order to increase sales and traffic on your site. With this tool, you can integrate both pages i.e Business page of Facebook and the Landing page.
  • Lander also comes with the DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) feature; by this you can save your time and money from Pay Per Click campaigns. PPC campaigns are used to earn some extra money with the help of advertisement campaigns. With this tool, your landing page of PPC campaign will be integrated with different keywords that are used in the search query. This tool will automatically insert the words into the landing page whenever the user searches for a word then it will insert that word into the Landing page of our website. So by this whenever a user opens the landing page then the searched keyword will be displayed on the landing page.


  • It has an A/B testing feature by which you can test all versions like copy, image, colors and call to action of your landing page.
  • Lander comes with the easy to use editor by which you can easily customize your landing page according to your choices. You can easily add element simply by drag and drop feature in the editor. You don’t have to be a coder to operate this tool.
  • It has a feature of DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) by which you can dynamically integrate your PPC campaign with the keywords that are used by the audience. This feature allows us to match the keywords of PPC with the PPC advertisement landing page. This feature is based upon the DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) by which you can easily save your money and time.
  • You can easily publish your landing page on the Facebook in a minute. With this, you can create your company’s Facebook tab and can integrate with the landing page.
  • 96% of people use mobile phones for the promoting and increasing the leads and this tool is a mobile-friendly which creates the mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • Lander also comes with the countdown timer feature by which we can add a timer to our landing page if any urgency occurs.


This tool is available in four plans:

  1. Basic Plan
    • This plan is for small enterprises.
    • Basic plan costs you $16/month.
    • Basic plan consists some feature such as 5k Visitors per month, 3 Custom Domains, Facebook landing pages, SSL Encryption, A/B testing, Auto-Fill forms, Email Marketing Integration, Email support and others.
  2. Professional Plan
    • In-House marketers use this plan.
    • It will cost you $42/month.
    • It consists some of the elements such as 25k Visitors per month, 10 Custom Domains, Facebook landing pages, SSL Encryption, A/B testing, Auto-Fill forms, Email Marketing Integration, Email & Chat support, Webhook Integration, Marketo and Salesforce.
  3. Pro Plus Plan
    • It is for the marketing teams.
    • This plan will cost you $83/month.
    • Pro Plus plan consists all the features of basic and professional plan but it has some more such as 100k Visitors per month, 50 Custom Domains, Phone, Chat & Email support, Dynamic Text Replacement, Technical Support and 1st Landing Page built by the Account manager.
  4. Enterprise Plan
    • Large marketers use this plan
    • It contains all the features but has some extra like 200k Visitors per month, Unlimited Custom Domains, DTR, One-on-One Onboarding, 1st Landing page built by the account manager and others.


According to some famous founders like Andrew Apanov, founder and CEO of Dotted Music said that they have increased their conversion rate to 43% which was 19% earlier. He said that you can make a landing page for the customers within maximum 3 hours. It is the best tool for creating the landing pages as it saves our time and money. There are many software for which knowledge of coding is must but in case of Lander we don’t need to learn coding we can easily customize our landing page by simply drag and drop feature.

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