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[App Review] Migrate: Custom ROM Migration Tool

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Migrate is a Custom Rom migration tool and has in-built restoration process that backs up the entire data.

Before going further you should know some basic kinds of stuff about rooting, TWRP and custom ROM, if you are new to these topics I am here to help you. Here I am going to discuss some basics of all these concepts so that you can get a clear idea of what kind of application Migrate is. Let’s begin:


Smartphones are the need of today’s generation; we can download apps to make our life easier and erase our boredom. But we cannot download any app we want. Due to security reasons, the phone manufacturing companies install a default setting/software limitations that restraint us from accessing a specific part of the Internet or to download specific applications, but this restraint can be withdrawn by rooting your device. Rooting provides full access to all the software customization in the phone and allows us to download any app we want, which would not be recommended by the manufacturer.

But every coin has two sides, with that being said you should also know the perks of rooting. It makes your device prone to malware and warranty of our device eradicates. On the brighter side, you can customize your device through rooting and explore the possibilities. Un-rooting is also possible if you feel like it’s not your cup of tea.

Custom ROM

ROM means “Read Only Memory”, it contains instructions (programs) to execute a device installed by the manufacturer. As the name suggests, this memory is Read-only and cannot be changed and used to store data permanently. However, it is possible to overwrite ROM on Android devices through custom ROM. Custom ROM refers to replacing the original version of your android operating system with a new version. Google provides the source code of every OS and developers alter their phone’s source code with an updated one to get better performance, improved themes, and advanced updates.


As the Migrate uses flashing through TWRP, we must understand its meaning and purpose. TWRP means “Team Win Recovery Project”; it is a touch-based UI developed for a custom recovery for Android devices. It was originally designed for Nexus but now being used by other androids and similar devices. TWRP gives complete back up to the device and its applications in order to revert them at any time.

About the application

Migrate is a unique app that provides access to switch between your custom ROM with ease, it also provides backup of data. Unlike other application along with apps and data it also provides backup of SMS, calls logs and contacts. While switching through ROM’s all your data is restored by flashing via TWRP. The developer has a central data directory “/data/balti. migrate” where all the backup data is stored. When the ROM migration is done, you can restore all your data and contacts, and it also provides the option to “choose what to recover” in case you want to delete some data.


The most backup application provides back up of only apps and data but Migrate provide back up of following things:

  • Application installed
  • App Data
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Screen DPI
  • Default Keyboard option
  • App permission

Pros and Cons

Now let’s discuss some pros of Migrate. First of all the application is one of a kind and even though it is in a beta version, it performs smoothly. It expands the capacity of your phone as you can switch between ROM’s without affecting your data. Data restoration is automatic and just requires rooting your ROM.

The main disadvantage of the application is that it performs better with “Magick”. Magick is a system-less rooting application. While working with other rooting application system based errors like “incomplete file copy” shows. Since the application is in the budding stage, it is not compatible with some rooting and backs up application.


Customizing Android ROM is getting popular as one can enjoy the benefits of new Android versions in their old phones, and if you can switch between customized ROM’s that gives you more options to explore your device. Migrate is one of a kind application out there when it comes to custom ROM switching. The app is still in development stage and with some tweaks here and there, could improve the performance and usability. The developer has launched a beta version in play store and is open for review and suggestion for any further development. The developer can be contacted via email help.baltiapps@gmail.com, in case of any query.

I hope you find this information useful and reliable.

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