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[Case Study] How National Geographic is Dominating Social Media

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National Geographic, an official magazine of national geographic society also a brand that has become one of the most popular and influential brands on social media. With 88m followers on Instagram and many other million followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the national geographic is putting every brand behind in the chart of topmost influencers in the social media platform by making everyone go awe through their assigned photographers who capture interesting and mind-blowing photos of the wildlife throughout the world.

national geographic

They make these social media platforms to promote their brand by posting every other photo and the magazines with their innovative ideas. Behind every picture they post, the audience can feel the adventure, hard work and that one doesn’t match to other. At the conference held in Chicago, the VP Digital, National Geographic, Mr. Adam Quinn confronts that ”The conference is about the future of storytelling. We firmly believe that social media is going to lead the way toward the storytelling” and they use their photographers as the storytellers for the brand with their astonishing photos. Once you visit the NatGeo page, you will find the adventures photos, videos that are both interesting and informative of wildlife and environment and also covers the reminiscent pictures of planets, solar systems, galaxies, simply space

Let’s learn, How did they become no. 1 brand in social media?  And their social media strategies?

The one thing we all have an idea is “What for the National Geographic is known?” isn’t it for “The creativity and the flexibility”. That creativity and flexibility are not only limited to the magazines and posts but for the social strategies too.

They utilize each platform of the social media for the specific audience so that their content is adopted by the generation and educate them. They film the documentaries, with the content that takes them to another level by sharing their experiences and successes. The national geography also has a kid version of a channel and a blog in which the kids will be getting knowledge that is less wild. The Instagram videos are quite popular and new trend these days, the nat geo is using the Instagram platform to make creative short videos.

Nat Geo’s Social Media Strategies

The national geo also has a blog in which they share the insights and ideas from the explorers. They share the travel stories and their experiences when they have explored the place for gathering the information and for the photos that include the climatic conditions, the adventure and more. Here, they give the information and make the audience gets a feeling as if they have explored the world. They concentrate on every international day like “The Endangered Species day”,”The Oceans day” etc, and give the information about them through the statistics of present conditions and what would happen in the future if no proper preventions are taken. Also, the best photographs and photographers of the year are listed in here. They cover all the interesting topics that drive all the attention of the audiences which in turn brings out the traffic of their brand. The national geography has blogged for different aspects as a travel blog, photo blog and more.

The national geographic social media campaigns include the competitions online like photography contests in which the aspiring photographers take a photo and post them, the winners would be declared and the prizes are given accordingly as mentioned. Not only photography contests but also the campaigns like sharing contents are also organized. Few of those campaigns are Wanderlust, The people vs. Climate Change campaign, NatGeo your shot campaign etc. They understand their brand promise and being true with everything they post. They always find ways to collaborate with their followers. These campaigns have been very successful and really provided an opportunity to engage with the people. The national geographic social media marketing campaigns always been successful and also are giving inspiration to the people. That’s the reason, why the national geographic has much popularity in the social media.   

One of the main strategy when it comes to marketing is knowing the consumer’s needs and understanding them. That is applicable to every type of marketing, same for the social media too. This is also followed by the nat geo. The SVP of Digital content and Audience development for national geographic partners, “Jonathan Hunt” says,” We are a brand that was founded with the mission of helping people better understand the world around them. That means creating opportunities for people to discover new places, cultures, and experiences that are sometimes out of reach.”

Days are changing, so does the technology, so does the people’s expectations. The national geographic is adapting all the new technologies to reach their audience’s expectations in a creative way that builds a stronger relationship.

Interaction is a main key to the social media popularity, constant posting is a part of the strategy that the nat geo is following. For constant posting, a great content is essential. And that what the national geographic is having. The working team that nat geo is having, starting from the photographers to the content editor, is also one thing to be appreciated and not to mention their teamwork and their effort. Only when everything works perfectly like the National Geographic does there is no doubt in why it has become a #1 brand in social media.

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