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EOS Photochains- The Inspiring Network

source: www.canon.com.au
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Camera- a wizard to capture the heartiest moments. It is the need, the desire of every person. There are many internationally renowned camera and lens manufacturing companies. To name a few –Bolex, Canon, Casio, Fujifilm, Kodak and Nikon. Out of these the most noticeable achievements have been made by Canon.

About the company

Canon, a Japanese Multinational Corporation is specialized in manufacturing of imaging and optical products including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, stepper, computer, printers and medical equipments.

It is the first company to launch AE-1, a camera with world’s first camera with an embedded microcomputer. It also introduced the world’s first Inject printer using bubble jet technology. It was also the first company to design SLR lense with internal image stabilization.

The company thus has done a pioneer work in manufacturing Digital Cameras. It started manufacturing and distribution of digital cameras since 1984, stating with RC-701. The RC series was followed by Powershot and Digital IXUS series. It then developed EOS series of DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. It also introduces Thermal Transition Copying as a part of manufacturing process of all its cameras. This process prevents the problem of condensation inside the camera.

The most popular digital camera models by canon are Canon Powershot, canon Powershot G series, canon Digital IXUS, Canon EOS, Canon EF lens mount, Canon EF-S lens mount and canon EF-M lens mount.

Out of these the most popular is the canon –EOS. Taking this point as the advantage, Canon brought the concept of Canon EOS-Photochains.

Canon EOS Photochains

This social initiative helped Canon to be a leader in DSLR manufacturing.


Canon believes photography is not just a technology instead it is an inspiration. Using this social networking site they tried to connect all the inspired people across the globe.


In this a photographic chain is created. A photographer clicks a picture, selects a detail in it. This detail becomes the inspiration of the next photographer. For example, if first photographer clicked the orange flower and selected the detail as orange then the second photographer will select any orange thing. Let us say that the second photographer clicked sun and gave the detail as circle then the following photographer may click a football and so on.

source: www.canon.com.au
source: www.canon.com.au

This creates a chain reaction of photos and photographers across the globe. On the official site people can join the existing chain or create a new one. The best photographs with their photographers are showcased in the company’s national advertising.


It was very easy for the company to propagate this idea. People got connected to their friends, family, collegues and other photographers. The site has become popular and everyday atleast 97 photos are uploaded. Out of this 35% were uploaded by the competing brands.


Thus, canon has been successful in connecting photographers across the globe. It enables them to inspire each other, get linked with the creative photographers, creative tutorials and products. This has not only created a unique photographic network but has also brought laurels to the company.

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