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ePayLater embarks on a mission to combat air pollution in Delhi NCR; partners with Swasthgram Initiative “SHUDHVAYU”

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While the months of October-December bring with them festive spirits and happiness, this period also registers the worst air quality every year, with the Capital City being one of its biggest sufferers. To put this into perspective, according to a WHO survey, the air quality in Delhi NCR is the worst among the major cities of the world. Now the citizens of Delhi have taken it in their own hands to do something about it.

In a first of its kind collaboration ePayLater (India’s leading innovator in digital credit) partnered with Shudhvayu Technologies (an innovator in the field of health tech) to combat the air pollution menace. Shydhvayu has been building air purifiers which could be put up on public transport. These devices clean the air using the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle. A single car can completely clean an air volume equivalent to a 20 storeyed building in a 100 km run. If all the public sector transport started to use it you can imagine how the AQI would improve for the entire city.

In keeping with its core of solving problems of scale through innovations, ePayLater has decided to extend it’s support to the cause. ePayLater shall be sponsoring a few purifiers that would be installed on vehicles. Further, the company is endeavouring to create a community of other forward thinking organizations for boosting pace of this much needed change. 

Sharing an insight into this partnership, Akshat Saxena, Co-founder, ePayLater remarked, “Air pollution has become a massive threat to public health and has reached alarming proportions. More importantly, it’s challenging the most fundamental right of future generations – to breathe! 

As a responsible organization, we have decided not to sit back and instead do our bit. In keeping with our core, we believe the answer to the problem resides in innovative technology and thereby we scouted for solutions that can be adopted by the masses. We knew about the ShudhVayu mission and decided to partner with them to help scale their mission on a larger scale by distributing their purifiers among the city’s public transportation network.

Installing these filters on cabs that cover hundreds of kilometres across Delhi NCR will help benefit its entire population, as these have the potential to bring about a drastic change in the air quality when adopted by a majority of the public transportations. We believe that this city can return to having a pleasant air quality, and we are more than willing to contribute to the cause through this initiative.”

ShudhVayu Technologies strives to provide solutions to overcome challenges posed by rising air pollution. Post an extensive research lasting over two years, the organization came up with the ‘ShudhVayu Mission’ to control the rampant air pollution along with building awareness and responsibility among the masses to mitigate this issue. ShudhVayu Filter is one of their products under this initiative and it has the potential to bring healthy Air Quality Index (AQI) back within a short span of time, which is the need of the hour especially among metro cities like Delhi NCR. 

Elaborating on the same, Amit Bhatnagar, founder, ShudhVayu Technologies said, “At ShudhVayu, we have committed ourselves to the noble cause of controlling air pollution and ensuring India’s health. Our thorough research resulted in development of innovative solutions like ShudhVayu Filter which has the potential to effectively address this severe problem. Basically, when affixed atop a vehicle, this purifier traps pollutants and clears the air by leveraging the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy of motion.

It is a low-weight product which can be installed and dismantled easily without affecting the mileage  or using any power source from the vehicle. If this technological innovation is installed on all the vehicles in Delhi NCR, it can help clean as much as 20tons of carbon within a single day. It gives us immense pleasure to have a brand like ePayLater onboard for this movement, and we are looking forward to reach newer heights and address this issue in Delhi NCR effectively!”

One of the frontrunners of this movement, ePayLater has announced distribution of ShudhVayu Filters among cabs in Delhi NCR. Through this initiative, the company strives to do its bit to contribute to the air-clearance movement and hopes to bring the air quality of Delhi NCR at par with any other developed city around the world.

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