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This Health-Tech Start-Up Is Helping To Make The Lives of Medical Travelers Easier

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The Growth of Medical Travel Industry

Medical travel as an industry is growing at an exponential pace with people increasingly choosing to go overseas for treatment. The reasons for people to travel to foreign countries for their treatment can differ. Some of the top reasons include unavailability of a treatment facility in their country, expensive treatment or procedure cost, and long waiting time to seek medical attention.

The Challenges for Patient’s Traveling Overseas for Medical Treatment

When looking for a treatment option overseas, there are hundreds of questions in the mind of the concerned patient and family members about choosing a destination, and the best hospital and specialist for the treatment of their loved one. Apart from making a decision, looking after the documentation and logistics can be taxing. Maintaining all information and important documents is another challenge that they face.

How does MediGence Help?

Founded in 2016, MediGence is a technology-driven global platform that helps patients from around the world to find and leverage the best-in-class overseas medical treatment options for a memorable patient care experience.

Following its brand statement ‘Enabling Better Healthcare Decisions’, MediGence is focused on empowering its medical travelers to take the right healthcare decision using technology and create a better experience for their treatment overseas.

With more than 300 successful patient stories in internationally accredited hospitals across 16+ top medical destinations, MediGence continues to push in making the patient’s journey smooth and seamless with steadfast commitment.

Innovation in Healthcare

With an aim to extend its mission, MediGence has launched CURED, a one-touch healthcare app that takes care of a patient’s overall treatment-related communication, collaboration and documentation right from the moment they are diagnosed until their recovery.

CURED addresses all the medical travel-related challenges of patients traveling overseas for their treatment such as- accessing your medical, schedule doctor appointments for consultation in the treatment country, video consultation with the doctor, raise and track your treatment-related concerns- just to name a few.

The new product is available as Android and iOS application that can be used for end-to-end patient care and management, starting right before they travel to the time they need follow-ups after returning home.

On An Ending Note

With more and more patients traveling overseas for medical treatment, the medical tourism industry will only continue to grow given that it remains focused on creating a memorable patient experience. This has been an unfettering mission of MediGence since its inception and will continue to be.

Quote from the founder

“Our ongoing innovation in healthcare for medical travelers is a symbol of our commitment towards people who are in need of treatment overseas. We remain focused to counterattack all the grey areas in this industry with the help of technology and make it the most memorable experience for medical travelers.”

– Amit Bansal, Co-founder and CEO at MediGence

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