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HTC mobile- case study

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HTC Mobile

Challenges and Objectives:

  • The main objective was to make Indian youth aware about HTC smartphones.
  • They wanted to raise the number of fans on their Facebook page and engagement.
  • They wanted to increase their sales via online program.
  • They wanted to make the targeted audience aware of the new technologies and applications being introduced with the handsets of this Brand.


Research and Insights:

  • They got the insights which were required for the proper designing of their strategy from social media analysis, desktop research, monitoring conversations about the brands and communities related to HTC properly.
  • Based on an analysis conducted by the brand they have found that mainly youngsters look for such qualities which the brand is offering therefore they have planned to build a campaign targeting the youth.

  • The platforms they choose to launch their campaign were Facebook and YouTube.
  • Their research also revealed that the looks and sound quality are the two qualities which youngsters are looking for.


  • Based on the research they have framed a strategy which reflected youth and vibrancy and their strategy was mainly focused towards engaging targeted audience via social media platforms, product launches and television commercials.
  • The campaign they have built was focusing towards the two main points which were stylish looks and sound quality.
  • A series of quizzes, crowdsourced content and contests to generate engagement and spread alertness on social media platforms.

How they have done it:

Their basis content strategy was to create content with the engagement of fans via several contests and quizzes. They have tried every possible way to get high level participation of their audience whether it is by video or photo contests.

  • They have created a Facebook page to collect information about the present status of their brand among audience. This enable the Brand to make required changes whether related to technology or looks by correlating with their product designing and marketing teams.

  • A lot of money was invested in TV commercials and in publishing ads in newspapers and magazines. This all was done to enhance the sales and popularity of their brand.
  • Several campaigns were started in a row in order to create a buzz among audience.

What they have achieved as a result of their efforts:

HTC have made all the efforts from campaigns to contests, from social media to TV commercials. They have left no stone unturned in order to achieve their goals. The outcomes of their efforts are:

  • HTC sales have increased to a great extent.
  • The number of fans HTC was having on Facebook and Twitter drastically increased.

  • HTC is counted among the most popular mobile phone brands in India.

By using social media platforms in an effective manner they have managed to uplift their brand’s popularity along with sales. Many amendments were made as a result of the reviews they got from their targeted audience. It is due to their well planned strategy they have managed to create a remarkable position in Indian mobile market.


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