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Fashion, The latest trend in clothing, makeup and behaviour. Every person on this Earth loves to look alluring. Fashion not only helps to feel good but also increase the confidence level. There are many internationally renowned fashion brands. Lakme is one such internationally acknowledged Indian brand.

About the Company

Lakme, is the Indian brand of cosmetics. It derieved its name from the French Opera Lakme which depicts Lakshmi – the Indian Goddess of wealth and beauty.

It was founded by Mr.J.R.D.Tata in 1952 with the aim to make India self Sufficient in terms of fashion too. However, in 1996 Tata sold their stake and handed over this responsibility to the Hindustan Unilever Limited. Thus, lakme is now owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, run by CEO Pushkaraj Shenai.

Business Plans

Matchless products

Every year Lakme launches captivating products. These products are designed so that they cause least harm even if used regularly. Some of its famous products are Lakme Absolute Youth Infinity, Absolute Gloss Range, Skin Care Reflection Serum, Skin Gloss Gel Cream, Overnight Mask and Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict.
Effective Marketing policies


The prices of these cosmetics are kept in the range of a common man. Lakme provides quality at affordable prices. This is one of the main reason behind its popularity.

Promotions by Brand Ambassadors

Choosing the most popular Style Diva as their brand promoters increase their trust in the customers. Till Dec 19, 2014 it was kareena kapoor and the very gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor has now aceeded the throne.

Social Media

Apart from the use of Facebook and Twitter, the brand trust on YouTube for its increase in product sales. This has been made possible by the incorporation of the learning tutorial –Lakme Studio of Style

Lakme Studio of Style

A Unique bunch of tutorial hosted by Sarah Janes Dias. Sarah is an Indian actress, host, VJ and former Beauty Queen. The hostess thus have good beauty sense and communication skills and is therefore able to drive large customers to the company.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADfJpeK7PZs]
In this tutorial users can create their own profile. They can fill a questionare, which helps the brand to understand their needs and taste. They can then watch the customised videos.

There is another section which gives videos which throw light on latest fashion and allow one to be on top of all things.

One can also ask any style related questions in the tips and tricks section. The handbag section allows to collect all the favourite videos watched till now.

All there experiences a user can share with other users via facebook or Twitter. Thus the tutorial inspires and helps people in becoming a trend setter.


Lakme has thus left no stones unturned in creating flawless products and promoting them. This is the reason why the brand holds 110 Lakme saloons all over the nation. It has recently grabbed 36 position in the Brand Trust Report, 2014. No doubt with effective marketing strategies and social media it will rule the fashion world.

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