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[App Review] Rivet Beta – Reading With Fun Application For Kids

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In this digital era, the concept of reading has changed dramatically with time. Today we do not want to waste our times searching for books from store to store. We have already understood that time is quite valuable, so we tend to prevent it from wasting. People are now looking for their desired books online. Everything happens over just one click on their smartphones. As an adult, you can choose what to read based on your likings, but the question is what about your kids? Their mental growth depends on the knowledge they acquire. Where to get that knowledge?

That’s where Rivet comes in. Currently, this application is running on a beta version. It is an experimental application at this point in time. It is a reading application for the kids those who are in kindergarten. As to grow their mental ability and simultaneously to entertain them at the same time, Rivet goes with learning with a fun concept. Well, it is still active in the development process since it is in beta version. Continuous improvements are being made, and it is released in beta to get more feedback from users in order to make it perfect. Developers are open to the reviews and feedbacks so that they can fix the bugs of this application.

A small dedicated team of developers has created Rivet from Area 120. They aim to create a better and independent practice for the young ones. I appreciate their efforts, and it is quite impressive to see how the application works out.

What does it offer?

This application offers some incredible set of features that are impressive to experience. As the application is dedicated to the kids, it has a colorful UI interface which is nice. Currently, the Rivet is offering books over the English language for the users of United States.

Now I am going to list down its key features that are available currently:

  • First of all a lovely child-friendly UI.
  • A library of more than 1500 free books for children.
  • Browse different categories.
  • Keyword search option.
  • Read books if you’re the YouTube creator you follow.
  • Help option for the tricky words for the kids.
  • Parents can track reading practices as well.
  • Books can be recommended — overall a great way to improve vocabulary.
  • It can be personalized; Kids can choose their avatars and sounds as well as skins of their choice.
  • Reviews and ratings are also included.
  • Developers have kept in mind about the kid-oriented application. The contents are informative and kid-friendly.

What are the pros?

  • The application is free which a pretty good thing. It offers valuable information and knowledge that helps to improve the IQ of the child.
  • Developer assures that no misuse of data. Being an educational application it does not provides data for another purpose like advertising.
  • The application is totally COPPA Compliant. It closely follows the COPPA’s best practice according to FTC. A developer says this is the only reason it requires parental consent before granting access to the application.
  • It is quite easy to contact the developers. You can mail at rivet-contact@google.com.

Let’s talk about the cons now.

  • Since the application is in its beta version, it is limited to tablets only. They do not even have plans to release it over Smartphones real soon.
  • Rivet doesn’t work with the family link and G-suite as well. It is entirely dependent on the Google account of the user (parent). Parent has to set up an individual account of each child in the family. But the developers have assured that it will support Family Link and G- Suite soon.
  • Currently, it is limited to the English language only. Developers should add books to multiple languages for people across the world.
  • It is Limited to the United States alone. I hope the actual version of this application should launch globally.

As the app is still in development and testing process, it will get improved over time eventually. There are infinite possibilities of new features it can offer. I must say it is not bad for an application being in beta version offering a lot to its users. The UI is quite kid friendly and funny.

As I conclude, I feel overall the application is up to the mark. With some tweaks and tricks in future, it can become popular among the people. If they keep their work as they promise
they will surely hit the benchmark. I hope this piece of information is helpful.

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Last Updated on December 11, 2018 by Vishal Ravish