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#VogueEmpower #MyChoice

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Vogue India launched a social awareness initiative in October 2014 to draw attention towards the empowerment of women. Though started as an initiative to commemorate its seventh anniversary, #VogueEmpower has since gone viral on social media and has now taken a broader meaning as it continues to touch and influence the lives of rural as well as urban women.

#VogueEmpower raises awareness on social media with a simple message – It starts with you! This initiative has garnered a lot of attention on all social media platforms. The latest hashtag to join this noble initiative is #MyChoice starring Deepika Padukone and 99 other women in the city of Mumbai. This 2 minute short film in collaboration with Homi Adajani speaks about women voicing their choice for equality.

Taking a look at the social feed featuring #MyChoice #VogueEmpower, there has been a considerable increase in the engagement statistics of this hashtag. The Facebook page for Vogue India has installed a live feed featuring the posts of everyone who has used the hashtag #MyChoice that updates the feed constantly for viewers to read.

This has brought a considerable increase in the traffic on the Facebook page of Vogue India with an upsurge of 0.4% since last week.

My choice is also trending on Twitter and has got the attention of many Bollywood hotshots who are taking part in the engagement of this hashtag as well.

As this short film continues to create a social storm through its hashtags, the statics on the various social media pages for Vogue India show an increase in the likes and the engagements of various posts with around 775k followers on Facebook and around 186k followers on Twitter. The video itself has garnered the attention of many people with around 3600 likes and close to 1500 shares in a short span of 18hrs since being posted on Facebook.

Although the information for the #MyChoice hashtag individually is not available, Vogue India has definitely benefitted from the #VogueEmpower campaign since its launch in October with many hashtags realased under this initiative. This has earned many new likes, social engagements, and good publicity for the brand on social media. Taking the social media campaign to a different level altogether #VogueEmpower has certainly earned our respect for responsible media campaigning. The brand now looks forward to creating many more hashtags under the women empowerment campaign in the near future.

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