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VW – People’s car; People’s Choice

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Cars have always fascinated the mankind. Earlier, car was a style statement,a luxurious ambition but now it has become a necessity of all classes. Some countries have mastered the car manufacturing business. Germany is one among them. The German Volkswagen Group rules the car market.


The German word Volkswagen literally means “People’s car”. Volkswagen is the German automobile manufacturer. The company was established in 1937 by the German Labor Front. It was then supported by Adolf Hitler who wanted Germans to have a car the way the Americans had at that time. He had the objective to make cars accessible to the general public. Hence, the association was named Volkswagen that is the people’s car. The company is currently headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lowe Saxony, Germany. The current International slogan of the company is “Das Auto” meaning the car.


Social Media

Volkswagen believe that it is through social network and social media that it can hold a tight grip on the international markets. It used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


It used the social media to give people the opportunity to become the brand’s official car viewer. The top brands were given a Volkswagen Tiguan and a video camera for a week to carry out the review. The company then posted highlights on a dedicated site for consumers to choose their favorite contestant.


This contest quantum raised the popularity of Volkswagen across the whole Europe. It raised the brand awareness,increased the market peneteration. It also helped in maintaining customer loyalty. It enabled better market research and created user advocate. This helped the company to focus on areas where improvement was in depth needed. Above all, It created an online buzz. This drove consumers to the company’s websites thereby highly increasing the sales.


The Company has achieved international fame not only because of its excellent engineering but also because of its social promotion. It has wisely used the power of social network and social media. This has helped the brand to interact well with the customers and develop a long lasting consumer-brand relationship.

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