Top 5 Brands of Orthopaedic Mattress in India

Top Mattress Brands
Top Mattress Brands

A night of good quality sleep matters a lot for everyone. You can not compromise on the quality of your sleep and to get a night of sound quality sleep, you should have a mattress that is relaxing and comfortable. 

With so many top mattress brands in the market, it becomes really difficult to choose which one is the best for your good night sleep. You should be more careful while buying a comfortable mattress if you are suffering from a back pain issue or neck pain. If you are having a back pain issue, then you have to choose one of the best orthopaedic mattresses in the market. 

Here are some factors that should be considered while buying a mattress for good night sleep:

  • Innerspring mattresses are made up of coils that provide a conventional bouncy feel and support to your back.

  • Latex mattresses give a more bouncy feeling as compared to innerspring mattresses. 

  • Memory foam mattresses are designed to give you a pressure relief if you are having a neck or back pain issue. A number of users prefer to buy memory foam mattresses these days. 

  • Hybrid mattresses are a combination of latex and innerspring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are designed to give a mix of softness and support to your neck and back. 

  • Air mattresses are handy to use, and they can be inflated with an air pump anywhere and anytime.

Centuary Mattress

Centuary mattress is the name that requires no introduction in the mattresses market. Century mattress is the brand that was established in 1988. Century mattress was the first Indian mattress brand to get an ISO 9001:2008 certification tag which is the sign of quality and standards. Century mattress is one of the top mattresses brands in India.

American Quality Assessors and National Accreditation Board accredited the Century mattress as they design high-end technology-driven mattresses to provide a sound night sleep to their customers. They have a wide range of mattresses for a wide range of customers. They use eco-friendly materials to design and make mattresses as per the specific needs of the customers. 

  • Innovative collection
  • Comfy collection
  • Wellness collection
  • Smart Collection
  • Orthopaedic Collection

Each collection from Century Mattresses is a sign of comfort and quality. Every mattress is designed in a certain way to provide cosiness and comfort to its customers. You can choose a mattress from any collection without an ounce of doubt. Just go for it to get a good night’s sleep.

Duroflex Mattress

Duroflex is another one of the top mattresses brands in India and it was established in 1963. Duroflex mattresses are known for their quality and comfort among customers. Duroflex mattresses are made up of coir and spring to give a bouncy feel and contour to the body while you are having a good night sleep. Duroflex is considered as one of the best mattresses for back pain.

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There are different collections for the specific requirements of the customers. The collection from Durolex mattresses include:

  • Energise Range
  • Duropedic Range
  • Puf & Luxury Range
  • Spring Range
  • Rubberised Coir Range

Each of these collections focuses on back support and comfort with advanced spring technology.

Sleep well Mattress

Sleepwell mattress is one of the top mattresses brands in India. Sleepwell is known as the leading manufacturers of quality mattresses in India. Sleepwell is the brand from Sheela Group. They have more than 12 manufacturing units across India. They design mattresses with technology-driven machines and highly-qualified manpower.

A wide range of quality mattresses is there to choose from their collection:

  • Premium Technology Products
  • Sleepwell My Mattress
  • Back Support Range
  • Sleepwell Perfect Match
  • Unique Health Fresh Advantage
  • Sleepwell Pillows and Comfort Accessories

Each of these collections is made as per the sleeping patterns and body postures to serve the customers to their utmost satisfaction.


Sleep zone brand is one of the best orthopaedic mattresses produced in bulk to give customers the utmost satisfaction. Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt. Ltd owns the brand Sleep Zone. They have the technical expertise of the international level. They specialize in spring and non-spring mattresses with various customer-friendly features.

Their range includes

  • Europedic Organic Latex mattress (Royal comfort)
  • Europedic Memory foam and
  • Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring mattress
  • Europedic Soft foam
  • Gem Bonnell Deluxe Spring mattress
  • Imperial pocket softy spring mattress
  • Orthotics range of mattresses
  • Varicore mattresses


Kurl-On is one of the oldest mattress brands in the world. It was established in 1962. Kurl-On mattresses are a blend of comfort and cosiness. They use zero pressure technology to make a comfortable mattress for their customers. They have expanded their brand across the world over all these years, and they have served millions of satisfied customers. 

They have a different range of collection that includes the following: 

  • Kurl-On Mermaid
  • Kurl-On Dream Sleep
  • Kurl-On Angelica
  • Kurl-On Convenio
  • Kurl-On Fantasy

Kurl_on manufacturing ability is serving millions of customers across the world with a luxurious range of mattresses.


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