Friday, April 10, 2020
Instagram Contest

10 Brands That Did Instagram Contests Right

There are multiple ways to advertise on Instagram, be it buying ads, or writing copies or posting photos of the products you...

5 Content Marketing Myths That Holds You Back

Content Marketing is evolving, and with evolution comes changes. Changes that are sometimes are misinterpreted or overreacted by marketers. And when something...
Email Design

9 Exciting Email Design Trends For 2020

Every email marketer's goal is to provide a different kind of experience to their users every year. And that's exactly what you...
Social Media Manager

5 Things You Need To Do in 2020 If You Are A Social Media...

2019 has been a roller-coaster when it comes to social media, from President Donald Trump using Twitter to convey his ideas to...
pop-up ads

Pop-Up Ads: Why Everyone Hates Them & Why They Are Here To Stay

Pop-up ads are one of the things that everyone hates at a universal level. Have you ever heard anyone say “Oh! I...
YouTube Marketing

20 YouTube Stats That Every Marketer Should Know About

Gone are the times when people would gather around in a room in front of a TV to watch their favourite piece....
Facebook Ads

4 Simple Steps To Create Best Video Ads On Facebook

If you have been thinking whether you should invest in video ads on Facebook or not, whether it’s worth your attention, time...
Facebook Ads

7 Ways A Marketer Can Benefit From Facebook Ads

It’s really difficult for a marketer to keep track of every small change social media platforms makes. But these small changes sometimes...
Facebook Libra

Things To Know About Facebook’s New Currency Libra

Facebook is coming up with its new digital currency, called Libra. Morgan Beller started working on this cryptocurrency in 2017, who was...

BJP is the Top Spender in Facebook political Ads for Upcoming Maharashtra polls

This is not a news that political parties are considering social media as one of the powerful tools to to connect with...

Brands Went on Creative March to Celebrate #GandhiJayanti

This year as we celebrated Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary, the brand went on creative march by using symbols like Charkha and...
social media videos

Importance of Videos in Digital Marketing and things to be covered while creating a...

Why we need Video Marketing? It can be for  Showcasing your business, Generating more Leads, Finding new customers or for increasing your Revenue....