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The Best B2B Tech Brands We Know Today

If you're in the business of selling software, you know that there are many different ways to market and sell your products. Some B2B...

Top A/B Testing Tools For Marketers

A/B testing is a method of testing two versions of a website or app and measuring how users respond to them. It’s a great...
design thinking for start-ups

Why is design thinking important for start-ups?

Design thinking is a solution-based approach to solving problems. It's not just for designers, and it's not just an aesthetic process. The design thinking...

Top Women Venture Capitalists In The World

Men dominate the venture capital industry. According to a study by the National Venture Capital Association, only 10 percent of investors are women. While...

Top venture capitalists in the world

Venture capital is a form of investment that allows companies to raise money from investors to grow. It's an essential part of the process...

Business BFFs : Ventures Started By Best Friends 

There's no doubt about it: the best business partners are friends or Business BFFs. They know what each other needs. They can bounce ideas...
Tools for instagram reels

Top Tools to make Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, but it can be hard to get noticed in the sea of photos and...

Top Women CEOs leading business today

Women CEOs and leaders have changed the face of many businesses, but many of them still face challenges. Women are CEOs of two-thirds of all...
tech companies in the world

Biggest tech companies in the world

The world has been shaped by technology and its companies. We have seen many start-ups that have revolutionized the world in different ways.  Be...

Why has podcasting become popular for marketers?

As a marketer, you know that there are many ways to reach your target audience. You could take out an ad in the local...
logo design tools

Top Logo Design Tools For Better Brand Identity

Logo design tools are a great way to create visually appealing designs for a unique brand identity. Logos are essential branding elements; these tools...
Email marketing tools

The Best Email Marketing Tools Your Business Needs

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and generate leads. Email marketing tools can help you stay organised,...