[App Review]Get My Parking- Parking spaces with no fuss

Get My Parking- India’s cloud-based mobile application, allows users to search, locate and book for parking spaces. Get My Parking or GMP is an inter-operable...
With one touch on medlife get a doc, get healed at your threshold

With One Touch On Medlife Get A Doc, Get Healed At Your Threshold

“Clients don’t care about the labor pains; they want to see the baby.” – Tim Williams We get the things done as easy as ABC...
Insta Story an app to primp up your Instagram stories

Insta Story- An App To Primp Up Your Instagram Stories

“One picture can say a lot about you, whereas a pile of pictures tells more stories about who and what you are.” Insta story...

[App Review] Newsly- The daily tidings around the globe

News runs the world. Be it a virtual or a paper every nook and cranny information is made available for people. Being in a...
App review Airtel Books

[App Review] Airtel Books- Your Economic Digital Bookshelf

Bharti Airtel aka Airtel, India’s global telecommunications house that has once dominated the roost is no longer the country’s famous telecom network. Airtel position...
App review on Anchor podcast to create your podcast seamlessly

Anchor Podcast: A Modern-Day Radio To Make Your Podcast Seamlessly In Tune

The podcast is a modern-day radio that became a recurrent growing device many millennials. Back in time, were used by only a specific ratio,...
App Review on OKCredit

[App Review] OKCredit: A Simple Paperless “Digital Udhar ” Ledger For Small Businesses

OKCredit: Digital Indians Ka Digital Udhar Khata A notebook of swarming numbers of credits; stickies to remind you of credits and debits pinned on the...
App Review FinArt

[App Review] FinArt–A Safer And Easier Money Management

If you want to track your expenses and bills automatically but don’t want to lose control over your financial data privacy, FinArt is for...

[App Review] Skiplino- Skip The Boring Long Queue

Standing in a queue is tiresome. We feel all the humdrum waiting in a queue. Jumping the queue is the most usual thing we...

[App Review] Frapp- The Suitable ‘Internship And Missions’ App For Students

Every app that I bring to you folks is unique and pragmatic. Some apps speak for people who want to explore new things. The...

[App Review] DocsApp- The Virtual Doc In Your Palm 24×7

It is 2019 anything is made possible. Everything is made avail under the tip of our hands without breaking a sweat. Be it an...

[App Review] Skippy- You Can Skip The Long Boring Video Into A 3-Minute Read

Most of us feel vexed to watch the long informative YouTube videos, and especially when you look at the 20-minute Ted Talks. No offense,...