Insta Story- An App To Primp Up Your Instagram Stories

Insta Story an app to primp up your Instagram stories

“One picture can say a lot about you, whereas a pile of pictures tells more stories about who and what you are.” Insta story of a user says the same.

Photobooth to Instagram- Never changing stories

We all like the sounds of the shutter; poses like that Vogue model, upload to our Instagram stories. We deck up our photos with some filters giving it a sassy look. To make our pictures voguishly perfect, collaging to create some memories gang of photo-apps came into the business to lure teens and young adults.

Many photo-apps are minting money successfully by understanding the sweet spot of this market. One such photo-app is chugging half of the million users with its sophisticated collage maker and to an Instagram story is “Insta Story” app specifically for Instagram stories.

People are not bothered about trying any photo-app that comes their way to add the filter drama like beautification and more. Users are the great reviewers on help in finding new apps to use.

Insta Story is one such app that caught users attention. So, let’s check what’s new about it.

A Review on Insta Story app which is taking half of the users to use it

Insta Story is created by a Chinese Android developer Ufoto in January 2019. He has a knack in developing photo and video applications and has nearly half a million downloads from users.

Insta Story pronounces itself as an Instagram Story Maker. The photo-app offers nearly 20 themes and 300+ photo and video templates with Instagram filters and fonts to give your stories more awesomeness.

The app size is of 27MB and is accordant with all smartphones.

Insta Story features:

  • As mentioned, it has nearly 300+ templates to spruce up your pictures.
  • The application has an elegant layout.
  • A perfect suit for Instagram filters.
  • Consists of multiple tools.

Besides these elegant features, it has Stickers where you can add to the photo collages, Texts with fonts, alignments, colour backgrounds and more.

The eye-catching feature of Insta Story is, it’s a collage maker and has photo split with an option to shoot instant videos.

Templates consist of Love, Summer, Travel, Canvas, and more with an updated template every week for Instagrammers.

Select the purchase plans to optimize its full features

Insta Story runs on the freemium model. Though it has a trial period, only a few templates are open for use. Users who want to avail its full features have to purchase its in-app features. The plan starts at Rs.65 or can choose a subscription plan that is Rs 250 per month and Rs 820 for a year.

The subscription plan comes with a three-day free trial and can cancel any time.

An Insta Story sneak peek

An Insta-procedure to access and upload

Insta-peek 1: The Insta Story never asks for your email or phone number to sign in. But asks permission to allow the photo-app to access media, photos and files on your device.

Access of the photos for Insta Story

Insta-peek 2: The page consists of two tabs- My Story and Templates

Note: Templates are based on occasions, seasons, moods etc. New templates are updated every week in a ‘new’ tag to help the user to view.

Click on Free Collage to start and discover templates.

How to use Insta Story?!

1. Upload an image from the gallery or take a new picture with an in-app camera.

Upload of any image in the app

2. At the bottom, a description tile is provided to add images, stickers, texts, colours etc. to a blank canvas.

Description title

3. If you want to add templates can choose the suited one out of 300+ templates.

4. Finally, after creating a collage or adding filters to the photo, you can directly share on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

5. A user can shoot videos for motion series where you can trim, edit, and add text to it. Templates are compatible with videos too.

6. A menu section is provided where you can find Store, Feedback, and Share. In the Store section, you can purchase templates as well.

Menu section of Insta Story

An Insta-Verdict

App Review: 4.7 out of 5

Some concerns arise with users like apps image quality at the saving time and complaining about paying for top features. Most of the users enjoy using the app for collaging and adding features to the images.

Artists, photographers, digital media and many can use Insta Stories for attracting viewers and followers. The forte thing about the app is its classy and well-curated designs.

We love to hear from you. Do you know any other popular photo-apps?! Dropdown a few best photo-apps for our readers.


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