[App Review] WillStar- Innovative Approach To The Legal Bindings


WillStar, an Indian mobile application create your legal Will draft online staying at your home. The application assists you to write your legal Will using uncomplicated and intuitive interface that makes your Will.


WillStar is initiated by LawRato.com, the Delhi-based startup which is founded 2013 by Nikhil Sarup, Rohan Mahajan. LawRato is legal tech startup where one can find a top and worldly-wise lawyers to the clients.

Since inception, the startup noticed a disturbing trend and was inundated with scores of queries from clients to file cases against their family members. Most of the cases were primarily regarding property disputes.

Rohan brainchild of LawRato.com says that curative legal procedures are very long drawn and painful in India, to avoid unnecessary legal battles the startup initiated some preventive ways to make a Will. WillStar is an approach to reduce the disputes of families with a simple online/offline tool that helps clients to create their Will in 15 minutes.

A legal story

The idea spurred to Rohan who is a law graduate from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. He happened to face a legal issue during his stay in Jakarta, Indonesia. Due to lack of proper verified legal counsel to solve the case he felt exasperated which made him press on co-founding LawRato. Rohan before founding worked as a marketing professional Airtel, Digitas, and Wizcraft International, where Nikhil worked in digital marketing for 14 years, building digital strategy, expertise in CRM in Digitas and Razorfish India.

WillStar Objectives

With the experiences and understanding the troubles and chaos caused by the Will, the startup reasoned why one should to make Will.

  1. To avoid family disputes.
  2. Make ensure guardianship of minor children.
  3. To reduce legal complications.
  4. To control who receives your assets.

Rohan explains that Will registered at local SDM office is not a mandated requirement. A handwritten Will signed by two witnesses is also legal agreement. With the application, LawRato helps people with the critical points crafting from scratch.

Process your Will legally with a few steps

WillStar is developed and designed with no chaos and includes minimal legal jargon.


Step 1:

Create an account by filling up the necessary formalities and be a member.

Step 2:

The virtual form asks you to specify beneficiaries for specific items and your remaining assets.

Step 3

You need to Specify executor for your Will, and guardian for minor children if any.

Step 4

Finally, after careful filling of details, you need to review and download your Will.

Print. Sign. Attest. You’re done.

Other services provided

  • You can get your Will tailor-made and drafted by an expert lawyer.
  • Facilitates with a review of Will by an expert lawyer.
  • You can get your Will registered with complete protection conveniently with expert assistance and hassle-free service.
  • The client can file for probate of Will across India with verified lawyers.

WillStar: An end-to-end approach

WillStar is a free app functions on a revenue model, and it’s a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to give best to the society. Rohan admits that WillStar is a cross-selling platform for LawRato, indirectly. The startup app offers value-add services where users can pay to draft and review the will by an expert Lawyer and can get everything done to protect your will from scratch with a reasonable price.

WillStar also facilitates the option of buying a physical kit called WillStar’s MakeMyWill Easy kit available in Amazon for Rs 399 for users who are naive to the tech-driven application. The kit includes with instructions and sample Will along with a template which can be filled to make a Will by a user.

Final thought

We can find many apps with Will drafting like Vakil Search and some of the legal-tech startup spheres like MeetUrPro, IndiaFilings, Pathlegal and a few but LawRato with WillStar application helps users to auto-create a legally binding Will within 15 minutes.

The noteworthy activities include supporting Nirbhaya’s parents get pro-bono representation in the Supreme Court in between 2016 to 2017, through its legal aid programme.

WillStar is available in Hindi and Tamil apart from English. Currently, the legal app has 30,000 satisfied clients, 50,000 Lawyer network available in 700 cities in India.


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