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A compilation of news articles from the top social networking sites on world wide web. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are our focused social media platforms.

Instagram fake Likes & followers

Facebook Against Fake Engagement and Ad Scams

Even though Facebook has made it clear that selling likes and followers is deemed illegal by the platform, some companies and individuals still tend...
Social Media

New Updates from Social Media Platforms to Increase Security

LinkedIn Involuntary advances have been a problem on multiple social media platforms since the beginning, but when you consider LinkedIn, which is a platform for...

Linkedin Introduces New Alerts For Sales Navigator Platform

LinkedIn recently announced some new alerts and lead management options for its Sales Navigator platform. The platform did this to help all the professionals...
Facebook Groups

Facebook Introduces New Sponsored Posts For Groups

Facebook has been trying to emphasize group engagement on its platform for some time now. You already have the option to run Facebook Ads...

Twitter Testing Quote Tweets Count for Future Updates

In the past few months, we have seen Twitter rolling out a lot of changes dealing with how retweets are handled on the platform....

Facebook Testing New Page Design to Shift Focus on Page Details

Recently, social media giant, Facebook, has been seen testing a new page format for its mobile apps, that will be focused more on the...
Bitcoin Scam

Multiple High-Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

Twitter is under the limelight again with the latest Bitcoin scam that led to various high-profile accounts being hacked. On Wednesday, multiple accounts of...
PInterest Algorithm Update

Pinterest updates its Algorithm to Balance Content on Home Feed

Pinterest recently updated its algorithm to enable its platform to balance the pins that will be displayed on a user’s home feed. With this...
social media

Recent Updates from Social Media Brands against COVID-19

With lockdown still ongoing all over the world, various brands have been working around the clock to come up with new tools and features...
TikTok Small Gestures

TikTok Launches Small Gestures to Give Back to Its Community

TikTok launched a new feature known as 'Small Gestures' that allows its users on the platform to send virtual gifts to others, completely free...
Social Media

Weekly Roundup of Updates from Social Media Giants

Social Media platforms are not giving up on updates and improvements even when its lockdown time. With the weekend just around the corner, here...
Facebook Experiments

Facebook Introduces ‘Experiments’ Element for Better Ad Performances

You have to put in the time if you want to maximize your ad's performance. You should also be willing to experiment with different...