Linkedin Introduces New Alerts For Sales Navigator Platform


LinkedIn recently announced some new alerts and lead management options for its Sales Navigator platform. The platform did this to help all the professionals who have been working remotely and are unable to connect with their clients.

LinkedIn added two alerts, both of them are machine learning-enabled alerts that are built to help professional working in sales, so they would be aware of the activities that occur around their location.

The two alerts are as follows:

Buyer Interest Alerts

You will receive this alert when an employee or leadership has interacted with your LinkedIn page or your website at a saved account.  With the help of these alerts, you have detailed insights about buying intent that can help you decide when you should interact with the interested party. This will allow you to offer a more customized buyer experience to your customers or clients.

Relevancy For Alerts

This is the second type of alert that LinkedIn introduced. Linkedin explained this alert based on the relevancy of the updates you receive With the help of predictive artificial intelligence, Linkedin will show you more important alerts first so you do not miss out on anything that is important for your business and sales while maintaining a good relationship with your buyer.

The newly introduced data tracking tool will identify and analyze multiple signals to determine the most relevant activity and then send an alert to Sales Navigator users. This can help a business grab an opportunity at the right time instead of finding out about them when the deal is already out the window.

LinkedIn has also mentioned that they are working on its back end to improve these new alerts further, over time. In addition to these alerts, LinkedIn has also added a new ‘Outreach’ Listing to their lead lists. This new listing will help users get an overview of their activity with every contact they have. This includes information about messages, connection requests, links they shared between them, and much more.


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