LinkedIn Introduces New Tools to Help Job Seekers Amid Pandemic

LinkedIn Career Explorer Tool

According to recent research by the International Labor Organization, it is expected that more than 140 million people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. And another 1.6 billion people are likely at risk of losing their income, specifically the low-income workers, women, and unrepresented communities.

During the crisis, LinkedIn believes they have the right resources and tools to offer support as there are more than 14 million open jobs on the platform. In recent days, LinkedIn has seen some record-breaking engagement with their platform, with over 40 million people visiting the professional platform every week.

As explained by LinkedIn, the most challenging part for an individual who is looking for a job is to identify what their next step should be. This is where the platform can help by offering job seekers detailed insights to identify the right choice for their career.

Career Explorer Tool

LinkedIn is introducing their new Career Explorer Tool, that can help people identify opportunities they never considered, by mapping their set of skills with the millions of job available on the platform.

Since these opportunities will take a different path from an individual’s interest, they will require additional skills. Therefore, the new tool will highlight any additional skills needed along with LinkedIn learning a course that will aid in obtaining said skills.

The new Career Explorer Tool will be rolling out globally in English and is expected to receive additional updates with localizations and enhancements in the coming months.

In-Demand Skills & Leaning Opportunities

According to LinkedIn, more than 150 million tech-related jobs could be created in the next five years, as the demand for digital skills are on the rise. Professionals can prepare themselves by learning these new skills to grab opportunities in the near future.

As per LinkedIn, here are the top trending skills among professionals now:

  • Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Data Analysis
  • Agile Project Management

LinkedIn is offering courses for these skills on LinkedIn learning for people interested in gaining these skills.

LinkedIn is also adding new Skills Assessments on the platform that will allow professionals to showcase their prurience on these skills. And LinkedIn expects that people who will display the Skill Assessments badge are more likely to get hired compared to those who wouldn’t.

The Community

Although most people believe setting your status to being unemployed can hurt their chances to get hired, but LinkedIn’s data tells a different story. According to them, people who tried their new #OpenToWork profile photo frame have received over 40% more emails from recruiters than people who aren’t using it.

LinkedIn on #OpenToWork

Hiring Profile Photo Frame

LinkedIn is also introducing their new #Hiring profile photo frame, that allows professionals, from a large to a small organization, to add a job on their profile with #hiring frame to let job seekers know they are looking for candidates. In the coming months, everyone on the platform will have the ability to post a job for free.

Virtual Interview Skills

According to LinkedIn, more than 70% of the professionals believe that virtual interviews will be the new norm and members believe it has been a great tool to practice for commonly asked interview question for a job.

Since these features were a success, LinkedIn is introducing new interview prep for in-demand jobs, such as software engineer or project manager, so job seekers can improve their chances of grabbing such opportunities.

For more information on the new tools and resources introduced by LinkedIn, you can head over to LinkedIn’s Opportunity page.


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